Diamond Jubilee - 60 Year Anniversary

Oakwood Healthcare is a leader in delivering world-class personalized care. At Oakwood, doctors haven’t just been practicing medicine for sixty years — they’ve been perfecting it, making us metro Detroit’s leader in cardiac care, orthopedics, cancer care, and women’s health. We offer the highest quality and safest treatment with specialized, compassionate care. Of course, if you or a loved one have ever been to Oakwood, you already know that.

  • National leader in cardiac care, performing emergency angioplasty in less than half the time it takes most other hospitals 
  • Most precise total joint replacement surgery and comprehensive rehab program, helping patients recover faster with less pain 
  • Certified primary stroke team, providing rapid diagnosis and specialized treatment for stroke victims 
  • Renowned genetic risk assessment program, offering screenings and promoting health and wellness in the communities we serve 
  • Birth place to more than 5,000 babies annually, recognized as the safest place in Michigan to have a baby and a regional leader in treating high-risk pregnancies and providing specialized care for newborns 
  • Home to CyberKnife, for the painless and non-surgical treatment of tumors anywhere in the body

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