Participants needed for incontinence research study

Are you a woman who has to know the location of every restroom everywhere you go?

Are you a woman who leaks urine, when putting your key in the door, when washing your hands or before you can make it to the restroom?

You may have a condition called urge urinary incontinence or Overactive Bladder. If you are a woman over 21 years of age and have accidental leaking of urine with strong desire to pass urine, you may be eligible for our medication vs. BOTOX research study (ABC Study) sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and conducted at Advanced Urogynecology of Michigan, office of Salil Khandwala, MD, Oakwood’s director of urogynecology.

Qualified participants may receive study medication and compensation for time. For more information about the ABC Study, call 313.982.0229 or 313.600.1213.

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