Oakwood Annapolis Hospital responds to recent media coverage and provides guidance for patients

Oakwood Annapolis Hospital (OAH) received information from the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) concerning a former interventional radiology and cardiac catheterization technician implicated as the source of a Hepatitis C outbreak in a New Hampshire hospital. Recent media reports have identified this technician as being responsible for infecting multiple patients with the infectious disease.

A review of our records shows the technologist was employed from January to May, 2007 as an interventional radiology technician and from May to September, 2007, as a technician in the cardiac catheterization lab. However, we have no indication this technician had Hepatitis C during his employment or that any patients contracted the disease as a result of his employment. In addition, he participated in at least two drug tests during his tenure, both of which showed negative results for illicit drug use.

Public health investigations are under way in multiple states, including Michigan. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff and patients and we are cooperating fully with authorities in this matter. Because this is an ongoing investigation by both public health officials and the federal government, the Michigan Department of Community Health is putting steps in place to address this matter for the entire state of Michigan.

Even though there was no indication this technician had Hepatitis C while he was employed with Oakwood, we are taking all precautions for the safety of our patients and referring inquiries to an internal team that is working on this matter.

Any patient questions or concerns should be directed to Sandi Martin, Manager of Patient Relations at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital at 734.467.4111.