Hindu Temple, Oakwood Annapolis Hospital team up for free Canton health fair

Several physicians and specialists affiliated with Oakwood Healthcare, Inc. are again reaching out to the Canton community for a free health fair.

The 11th annual event, which takes place on April 14 at the Hindu Temple on Cherry Hill Road, is sponsored by the Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (MAPI), the temple, and Oakwood Annapolis Hospital in Wayne.

“Since 1953 our way of doing business has been not to wait, but to touch the lives of the people we serve before illness, injury or bad information bring them into the hospital,” said Rick Hillbom, Administrator, Clinical Services and Oakwood Canton. “Our clinicians and administrators have always taken the initiative to find out what preventive health services and education our neighbors in each community might need, and then go out directly and personally, into the neighborhoods and neighborhood institutions, to deliver those services and programs.”

The health fair will feature more than a dozen doctors from the Oakwood Healthcare System who will provide a wide range of services and free screenings and consultations. There will be blood pressure checks, hearing tests and blood screenings provided—all free of cost. Attendees can meet with a primary care physician and follow-up with specialists at the event, such as cardiologists, urologists, endocrinologists, internists, ophthalmologists and dentists, among others. They can also sign up for a diagnostic blood screening on April 7 and have the results discussed with them on April 14.

Sarju Shah, MD, an Oakwood doctor with a practice on Haggerty near Ford Road, said he has been involved in the event since 1995.

“The value to the community is immeasurable, especially in this economy,” said Shah. “The people who attend get good care.”

Chandrakant Pujara, MD, another Oakwood doctor who has long been affiliated with the event, agreed. He said the health fair is designed to help people identify potential health risks before they become a problem.

“I’m very passionate about health education and prevention,” he said. “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Prevention is what we need.”
The health fair takes place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Hindu Temple in Canton at 44955 Cherry Hill Road and is limited to the first 350 registrants. To register, call the temple at 734.981.8730 or visit www.mapiusa.org