Oakwood ACO physician practices earn Patient-Centered Medical Home designation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has designated 16 Oakwood Accountable Care Organization (ACO)-affiliated physician offices as patient-centered medical homes for the second consecutive year. The designation period runs through June 30, 2014.

The PCMH designation means these Oakwood ACO practices, with a total of 70 Oakwood ACO-affiliated physicians, continue to make improvements in health care quality by leading care teams that bring an intensive focus to their patients’ individual health goals and needs.

“The designation means physicians addressing issues of health maintenance, wellness and prevention for people who have disease and people who do not have disease today,” said Malcolm Henoch, MD, senior vice president and Chief Medical Officer of Oakwood Healthcare, Inc. and a member of the Oakwood (ACO) board. “It makes people attend to issues of ideal body weight, exercise, diet and nutrition—it’s a shift from taking care of just illnesses in their offices and in the hospital.”

The patient-centered medical home is an approach in which patients take an active role in their own health care, working closely with their primary care physicians (pediatricians, internists and family medicine doctors) throughout the journey across the health care system. Doctors coordinate patients' health status, manage chronic conditions, track all medications, offer extended office hours and practice ongoing health management to keep patients healthy and prevent complications. The Blues have designated roughly 1,240 primary care practices, with more than 3,600 primary care doctors across the state of Michigan, as PCMH practices. The program is the largest of its kind in the country.

“The PCMH program helps patients navigate the health care system with primary care physicians at the hub and keeping all of the specialists and facilities informed,” said Sarju Shah, MD, a primary care physician who serves as the Medical Director of the Oakwood ACO and practices at one of the PCMH-designated practices. “It helps us provide better care for our patients. We know what care they are receiving across the health care system.”

Oakwood ACO physicians practicing within Patient Centered Medical Home practices include:
Halima Ali, MD – Family Medicine
Daisy Angeles, MD – Internal Medicine
Vijayalakshmi Arunachalam, MD – Internal Medicine
• Andrew Athens, DO – Family Medicine
• Ellen Athens, DO – Family Medicine
William Athens, Sr., DO – Family Medicine
Carol Baker, MD – Family Medicine
• Raghunath Bandri, MD – Internal Medicine
Suhail Banister, MD - Pediatrics
• Resham Batra, MD - Pediatrics
Renee Catrambone, MD - Pediatrics
Christine Climie, MD – Family Medicine
Clark Creger, MD – Family Medicine
Hirut Dagnew, MD - Pediatrics
Champa Dassanayake, MD – Internal Medicine
Michelle Diebold, MD – Family Medicine
• Salima Emara, MD - Pediatrics
Jennifer Foess-Halaas, MD – Family Medicine
Daniel Frattarelli, MD - Pediatrics
Ann Anca Froman, MD – Internal Medicine
Miguel Granados, MD – Family Medicine
Richard Grucz, MD – Family Medicine
Walid Harb, MD, FACP – Internal Medicine
T.J. Hassan, MD – Internal Medicine
Jessica Haveman, MD – Family Medicine
Izabella Ilyasov, MD - Pediatrics
NiJuanna Irby-Johnson, MD – Internal Medicine
Valerie Johnson, MD – Internal Medicine
Jeffrey Kane, MD – Internal Medicine
Joan Less, MD - Pediatrics
• Barbara Levine Blasé, DO – Family Medicine
Patricia Lopez-Gutierrez, MD – Family Medicine
Beth Lowe, MD - Pediatrics
Paul Malick, DO – Family Medicine
David Margolis, MD – Internal Medicine
Arun Mehta, MD – Family Medicine
James Meza, MD – Family Medicine
Wilfredo Momblanco, MD - Pediatrics
Sara Moussa, MD - Pediatrics
• Erlinda Navarro-Oca, MD - Endocrinology
Wafa Odeh, MD – Internal Medicine
Christopher Pabian, MD – Family Medicine
Joel Perlson, DO – Family Medicine
Cynthia Piko, MD – Internal Medicine
Faiz Rahman, MD – Family Medicine
Janelin Regiec, MD – Family Medicine
Nutan Saxena, MD - Pediatrics
Michael Schaeffer, MD – Internal Medicine
• Sarju Shah, MD – Family Medicine
Anil Sil, MD, FACP – Internal Medicine
Anita Sinha, MD – Family Medicine
Abe Slaim, DO – Family Medicine
John Slaim, DO – Family Medicine
David Szaraz, MD – Family Medicine
Andrea Szuper, MD – Family Medicine
• Lee Ann Thorp, MD - Pediatrics
Imelda Toledo-Neely, MD – Family Medicine
Sara Troyer, MD - Pediatrics
• Mark Tucker, MD - Pediatrics
Roderick Walker, MD – Family Medicine
StevenWaskerwitz, MD - Pediatrics
Karen Weaver, MD – Family Medicine
Lori Weide, MD – Family Medicine
• Michael Worzniak, MD – Family Medicine
Scott Yaekle, MD – Family Medicine
Chin Yi, MD – Family Medicine
Kurt Young, DO – Family Medicine
Austin Yu, MD - Pediatrics
Jonathan Zimmerman, MD – Internal Medicine
Matthew Zimmie, MD – Family Medicine

“Within the Oakwood ACO, we strive to routinely provide care that focuses on the whole patient,” said William Isenstein, executive director of the Oakwood ACO. “These PCMH designations demonstrate Oakwood ACO-affiliated physician commitment to providing high quality personalized care."

The Patient Centered Medical Home and the Accountable Care Organization are designed to improve care in a cost effective and efficient manner by reducing redundant testing and creating more efficiencies throughout the continuum of care. The program focuses on each patient’s health goals and needs and coordinates care across all settings in order to benefit overall patient safety and result in better outcomes. Physicians earn additional incentives from BCBSM for meeting those goals.