Oakwood employees with half a century of service honored at dinner reception

For almost 46 years, Oakwood nursing assistant Betty Colburn has seen everything from the addition of entire hospital wings to the acquisition of regional hospitals—all from the same floor of the same hospital on Oakwood Boulevard. However, through it all, she has maintained a passion for one thing: patient care.

“When I began the goal was to just be here a year, but the years passed by very fast,” said Colburn who started working for Oakwood in December 1968. “Having witnessed a lot of turnover, it makes me feel really good to be in one spot for so long. I’ve seen a lot and hope to see a lot more with the possible new organization as long as I get to continue taking care of patients.”

As Oakwood Healthcare System (OHS) operates on the eve of a potential deal with Beaumont Health System and Botsford Hospital, its top executives are preparing for their annual ritual of celebrating the service and careers of its longest serving employees. Betty and more than 200 other Oakwood employees with at least 25 years of service will be honored at OHS’s Service Awards Dinner Reception this year. 

The highlight of the evening includes a video presentation honoring Betty along with six other Oakwood employees, including three with 50 years of service.

“These individuals embody the spirit of service and commitment to excellence Oakwood strives for everyday,” said Brian Connolly president and CEO, Oakwood Healthcare. “Every year we are inspired by the wonderful careers of such dedicated professionals who carry out our mission of providing excellence in care, healing and health. To reach such milestones is extraordinary and worthy of honor and praise from our leadership.”