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Hydration and Nutritional Considerations In Cold Weather

Inspirational Athletes

Neck Injuries/Muscle Strains


Preventing Children's Sports Injuries

Sports Medicine

Success story: Amber's return to softball

What is an Athletic Trainer?

Why Should I Exercise?

Runners Clinic
This program is offered throughout the year at various sites for the entry-level runner looking for sound advice or the seasoned runner looking for an advantage. These clinics cover a variety of topics, including shoe fit, biomechanics, injury care/prevention and running gait video analysis. Training programs for the individual or team can also be developed and discussed.

Lecture Series
Marc Milia, MD has joined Oakwood athletic trainers in helping to educate athletes and their families on many sports medicine topics.  

Dr. Milia‚Äôs specialty focuses on sports medicine with subspecialties in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the knee and shoulder.  Dr. Milia is a graduate of University of Michigan School of Medicine in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and participated with three Rose Bowl teams as offensive linesman.  His fellowship, in shoulder/sports medicine, was completed at the University of Pittsburgh working with the National football league's Pittsburgh Steelers. Dr. Milia is prepared to speak on any of the topics listed below.  His presentations can be geared toward coaches, athletes or their family.  

  • Sports Medicine for the female athlete
  • Shoulder instability
  • Shoulder pain/rotator cuff problems
  • Knee pain
  • Minimally invasive options for the shoulder
  • Multiple ligament knee injuries 
  • Back pain

    MHSAA Alpha Weigh In
    The Michigan Weight Monitoring program is education and regulation for wrestlers, coaches and families regarding healthy weight control prior to and throughout the MHSAA wrestling season. The Weight Monitoring Program consists of three parts including; nutrition education, the regulation and skinfold assessment.

    The WMP consists of three parts: wrestler and family nutritional education, skinfold assessment and coaches education. Oakwood Sports Medicine conducts the nutritional education component well as providing the in-service training for new skinfold assessors each year.

    Fitness Assessment
    Is your current exercise program losing effect? Are you trying to lose weight or improve your overall health?

    If so, call one of our fitness experts to set up an appointment to determine a program to meet your goals. Our fitness assessment can include:

    • Family history
    • Skinfold body fat measurement
    • Flexibility
    • Strength assessment
    • Oxygen use (VO2)
    • Caloric balance
    Summer Strength/Conditioning Series
    Tired of finishing in the middle of the pack?
    The Summer Strength & Conditioning Series is a one-week program designed to assist in the development of your strength, speed, agility and power as it relates to your sport. The Summer Series program is open to middle school and high school athletes and meets Monday through Thursday.

    Wish you had more strength and stamina?
    Our staff of athletic trainers and certified strength and conditioning specialists will lead you through sport-specific drills and tasks designed to improve strength, power and agility that can be used during the athletic season. Each two-hour workout is designed to improve your power, speed, agility and performance in your sport.

    Do you want to develop quickness and agility?
    The Summer Series program offers an excellent combination of expertise, knowledge sharing and participation so you can bring a greater contribution to your sport and team while reducing risk of injury and improving performance.

    Core Training Program
    The Core Training Program is a year-round program offered twice each week in the evenings for individuals who want to develop, maintain or improve overall trunk strength, balance, stability and athletic performance. Taught by our staff of certified athletic trainers (ATC) ( and strength and conditioning specialists (CSCS) (, our approach is multifaceted and uses a variety of training methods to provide an overall balance of strength and stability. To learn more about the Oakwood Sports Medicine program please email