Patient Criteria

Bariatric Options - Free Seminar To qualify for weight reduction surgery the patient should have a
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or higher
  • BMI of 35 or higher, and obesity related disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and/or other problems
  • Demonstrated history (under medical supervision) of unsuccessful weight loss by non-surgical means such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications.
  • Calculate your BMI using the chart below
In addition, patients must have
  • A primary care physician willing to provide long-term care
  • Consultation with a dietician and a psychiatrist
  • Preoperative tests including chest X-ray, EKG, complete blood count, serum chemistry panel, thyroid function test, B12, iron levels, as well as other tests indicated by individual medical conditions.
Bariatric surgery involves changes in the stomach and gastrointestinal physiology. The patient should be thoroughly convinced that he or she has exhausted all reasonable alternatives of weight loss before selecting surgery.

Who is a candidate for Bariatric Surgery?
Adult patients who have a
  • BMI > 40 or
  • BMI > 35 with obesity-related comorbidities
BMI Chart