Risks and Benefits

Bariatric Options - Free Seminar

Bariatric surgery is major surgery, even with minimally invasive surgical techniques. The operation requires general anesthesia, at least 23 hours to three days of hospitalization. Furthermore, as with any major operation, there are risks. Patients considering surgery must weigh the risks and benefits of surgery against the severity of the disease, Obesity. The decision to proceed is based on the premise that the treatment should be less harmful than the disease being treated.

The medical and emotional benefits of obesity surgery begin almost immediately after surgery, and the cosmetic benefits follow their wake. Over time the benefits of weight loss surgery may include:

  • Significant sustained weight loss (amount will depend on procedure chosen)
  • Blood sugar levels that become completely normal within 1 year of surgery
  • Lower or normal blood pressure
  • Lower or normal cholesterol levels
  • Relief from sleep apnea, acid reflux, and urinary stress incontinence
  • Less arthritis pain and improved mobility
  • Increased energy and ability to exercise
  • Improved mood and self-esteem
  • Arrested progression of heart disease
  • Improvement of many lung conditions
  • Exercise endurance