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In today’s healthcare market, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to find the best opportunities for physicians, whether it’s to join a private practice, be an employed physician or a faculty member.

Oakwood Physician Relations Department can make it easier for you to find the right opportunity. Our goal is to find a match between your needs and the administrator or physician responsible for the department or practice needs. Come to the Oakwood Healthcare System and you’ll be associated with eminent colleagues in nearly every specialty.

Oakwood is committed to affiliating with excellent physicians who seek to join us as the preferred providers of care to the communities we serve. We recognize that your needs as a physician are unique, whether to join a private practice; enter health center employment; or assume a faculty position.

Our hospitals have uniformly stringent credentialing standards, as is reflected in the high number of medical staff members who are board certified. Most physicians who join our staff enjoy a long and successful tenure here.

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