Cord Blood Collection Options

Oakwood Healthcare System supports various options when it comes to collection and ultimate storage of umbilical cord blood. This blood may be used at a future date to help treat patients afflicted with cancers of the blood and other diseases. Oakwood offers three options to patients:

1. Collect umbilical cord blood for storage at a private cord blood bank for potential future personal use. 
Oakwood has a preferred partnership with CORD:USE (888.267.3873) for this purpose or you may select another private bank such as Viacord (866.668.4895) or Cord Blood Registry.  These banks should be contacted in advance of a patient’s anticipated delivery date to complete the enrollment process. An initial collection fee and annual storage fee (paid by the patient) is typically involved with this option. This option is available at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center, Oakwood Hospital - Wayne and Oakwood Hospital - Southshore.

2. Donate umbilical cord blood for public listing on the National Marrow Donor Program registry. The
CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank (888.267.3873) coordinates this process. CORD:USE accepts donated umbilical cord blood following the delivery of a healthy newborn infant to treat anyone in need of life-saving stem cell transplantation. Currently, patients afflicted with cancers of the blood and other diseases number in the hundreds of thousands worldwide. In the past year, of the approximate 45,000 patients seeking blood stem cells through worldwide registries, only 8,500 successfully achieved a suitable match. Oakwood’s participation with CORD:USE will have a direct impact on the number of units listed on the registry, hopefully leading to additional matches and subsequent life-saving procedures for patients across the country. This option is free to the patient; however, it does require that the patient sign a consent form prior to delivery for inclusion in this research project. This option is only available to patients delivering at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center.

3. Discard umbilical cord blood as medical waste. This option is the default at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center, Oakwood Hospital - Wayne and Oakwood Hospital - Southshore. 

If you are interested in Option 1 or 2, please speak with your physician as early in your pregnancy as possible and notify the staff on Labor and Delivery upon your arrival.

Oakwood's Center for Women's Health welcomed Rusty Wallace, who was present to support CORD:USE’s "Help WIN the RACE for LIFE" campaign at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center.