The positive culture of Oakwood is rooted in people working together creatively, mutual respect, and caring attitudes among all employees, physicians and volunteers. At Oakwood, we identify strengths in people and then give them the opportunity to do what they do best every day.
    Evolving Culture
    The culture of Oakwood is evolving. This change requires a comprehensive, systemic and continuing revision of cultural influence mechanisms such as rewards, social recognition, training, orientation, communications and information systems. Download Oakwood's Code of Conduct

    Sense of Community
    We know when we have community, people working together for a common cause and that is healing and health for the people we serve in our communities.

      Providing care with sincerity, sensitivity, and dignity for those we serve
      Working with integrity and honor in all our relationships with patients, families, co-workers and physicians
      Delivering superior results in the areas of Patient Experience, Physician Alignment, the Oakwood Team, Financial Health, Our Community and Program Growth
      Creating an environment where individual differences maximize our collective capabilities as a team
      Demonstrating personal responsibility for our pride in Oakwood through our behaviors and actions
    Patients come first