Cardiac electrophysiology specialist

Cardiac electrophysiology deals specifically with diagnosing and treating the abnormal electrical activities of the heart.

  • Pacemaker – a device which delivers electrical impulses to the heart muscles in order to regulate the heart rate

  • Defibrillator – a device that delivers electrical energy to the heart in order to help correct abnormal heart rhythms and “reset” the body’s natural heartbeat

  • Atrial fibrillation ablation – a procedure to remove faulty electrical pathways from the heart, ones which cause arrhythmias (or irregular heartbeats)

  • Cardioversion – a procedure to correct irregular heartbeats using electrical or chemicals

Electrophysiology Device Clinic

Oakwood Device Clinics provide follow up care to patients with pacemakers and defibrillators.

Routine interrogations of devices ensure proper functioning. The Device Clinic performs reprogramming as needed to optimize function of the device providing beneficial outcomes to patient. The Device Clinic also has the capability to monitor patient devices from home. This technology enables the staff within the clinic access to the most current information and continues to provide the best treatment for your heart condition and needs.

Support Group
The Device Clinic is also home to hundreds of patients enrolled in the “ICD Support Group.” This group meets three times per year providing patients with education, while addressing specific issues concerns or questions. 
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