Faith-based Outreach

Bringing Holistic Health to Faith Communities
Oakwood Healthcare’s Community Outreach programs extend into churches, mosques, temples and other worship sites with unique programs and services. These programs align with the mission of Oakwood Healthcare to provide excellence in care, healing and health to the individuals and communities we serve. They address the health needs of our diverse neighborhoods and congregations holistically, and are geared to serve as bridges to information, health care, and community services and resources.

Oakwood Circle of Care Program

Oakwood’s Circle of Care Program is a faith-based initiative that currently operates in Western Wayne County, Downriver and in the Southwest Detroit/Dearborn area. These programs are presented in collaboration with the Interfaith Health and Hope Coalition. The Circle of Care meetings bring together leaders of faith communities in the area and link them to representatives of health systems, community service agencies and other resources programs. The goal of these programs is to promote health and wellness awareness and disease prevention at the individual faith community level as well as in the larger faith community. The Dearborn/Southwest Detroit Group meets on the first Thursday of the month; the Downriver group meets on the second Tuesday of the month; and the Western Wayne group meets the third Tuesday of the month. All meetings are scheduled from All meetings are scheduled from 12:00-1:30 pm Each includes a presentation on a pertinent topic.

For more information on Oakwood’s Circle of Care Program please contact Cathy Stock, RN, Oakwood Faith-Based Outreach Program Coordinator, by phone: 313.586.4996 or by e-mail:

Oakwood Parish/Faith Nursing Program

Parish/Faith Community Nursing is a sub-specialty of nursing in which registered nurses minister within their faith communities. The Oakwood Parish/Faith Community Nursing Program was established in 1998 with 12 nurses serving 12 faith communities in the Oakwood Service area. Currently, more than 20 parish/faith community nurses are active in metropolitan Detroit and Western and Downriver Wayne County communities.

Parish/faith community nurses concentrate their outreach on the care of the whole person. They serve their parish/faith communities by providing health education and counseling and resource referrals. They develop support groups and train health advocacy volunteers.

To become a parish/faith community nurse you need to be a registered nurse for at least two years and an active participant in your faith community. The Oakwood Parish/Faith Community Nursing Program is a volunteer model. Completion of a 40-hour Parish/Faith Community Nurse Preparation course is required. Tuition reimbursement may be available for Oakwood employees or retirees upon completion of the course requirements. A program coordinator is available to assist with program startup and ongoing needs.

For more information on Oakwood’s Parish/Faith Community Nursing Program please contact Cathy Stock, RN, Oakwood Faith-Based Outreach Program Coordinator, by phone: 313.586.4996 or by e-mail:

Active Parish/Faith Community Nursing Ministries affiliated with Oakwood Healthcare

Greater Dearborn
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church-Dearborn 
  • Christ the Good Shepherd-Lincoln Park 
  • Trinity St. Mark's United Church of Christ-Detroit 
  • St. Frances Cabrini-Allen Park
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church-Trenton 
  • Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church-Brownstown 
  • Our Lady of the Woods Catholic Church 
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church-Grosse Ile 
  • Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church-Taylor 
  • St. Cyprian Catholic Church-Riverview 
  • St. Paul United Church of Christ-Taylor 
  • Evangel Baptist Church-Taylor
Western Wayne
  • Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ-Inkster 
  • Our Lady of Victory-Northville 

For a Christian, “Stewardship” is a one-word answer to the question, “Why am I here?”
  • Jesus taught that each person is made by God with a unique and essential role to play in the world and given everything necessary to carry it out – as well as the responsibility and the choice to do so.
  • We call this principle “Stewardship” because Jesus so often used the image of a steward hired to manage a household – or of someone else hired to do a job – to represent us in our relationship with God.
Stewardship of Health is a health education series for Christian congregations. Each of the six topic documents provides amplified commentary for pastors, teachers or group study leaders. This free series of resource materials is available in print and PowerPoint formats for presentation to small groups or congregations.

Each volume presents a current health topic in a Gospel context, emphasizing that the human body is a trust from God and a temple of the Holy Spirit. Each set includes a practical checklist of risk, care and prevention facts. Topics included are: My Heart, Diabetes, Growing Older, Exercise, Diet and Nutrition, and Family Health History.

Scripture texts throughout the Stewardship of Health series are quoted from the New American Standard Bible, widely embraced since its completion in 1971 as “the most literally accurate English translation” from the original languages, and used by millions of scholars, pastors, missionaries and laypersons.

A church or church organization may present this series monthly or at any other interval, and in any order. To subscribe to and use Stewardship of Health, please contact Cathy Stock, RN, Oakwood Faith-Based Outreach Program Coordinator, by phone: 313.586.4996 or by e-mail:

Oakwood health professionals speak to groups in the community on these and other topics through the Oakwood Speakers Bureau. Contact the Oakwood Speakers Bureau by email at or by phone at 313-586-4902.