Female Cancers

What is Gynecologic Oncology?
Gynecologic Oncology is a specialized medical field dedicated to the study and treatment of malignancies arising in the female reproductive tract. The most common and serious gynecologic malignancies occur in the ovaries, endometrium (lining of the uterus), cervix, vulva, and vagina. Although these sites of origin are often considered as a single group, each has significant differences in etiology(the cause or origin of a disease as determined by medical diagnosis), prevention, detection, and treatment.

Gynecologic Oncologists are cancer specialists who first practiced as trained obstetricians/gynecologists. Once they obtained license to practice in the obstetrics/gynecology, they underwent two to four years of structured training in all of the effective forms of treatment for gynecologic cancers:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Experimental Treatments

They also study extensively with regard to the biology and pathology of gynecologic cancer. The breadth and scope of the training gynecologic oncologists receive allows patients to obtain whichever mode of treatment (or combination of treatments) most likely to be effective for their particular situation. Learn more about our gynecologic oncology specialist and his contact information.

Support Groups
If you are dealing with cancer, either personally, or as a friend or family member of someone afflicted with this disease, it is essential that you find support. The fears and emotions that come with Cancer can be overwhelming and finding relief through a support group can help to strengthen you both mentally and physically. That's why we provide
support groups dedicated to helping all those touched by this disease.

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