Genetic Risk Assessment

Genetic Risk Assessments For Cancer

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One in three individuals will develop cancer in their lifetime. Family history is an important factor in determining a person's risk of cancer. However, only 5 to 10 percent of all cancers are currently thought to be inherited, and sometimes the fear of cancer may outweigh the reality of one's cancer risk. A Genetic Risk Assessment for Cancer provides you with information regarding your risk of cancer based on your personal and family history. You will learn whether or not you are at an increased risk and, most importantly, what you can do about it.

Who would benefit from a risk assessment?

  • Anyone with a personal history of cancer
  • Anyone with a family history of cancer
  • Anyone concerned about his or her risk for cancer

During a cancer genetic risk assessment for cancer, you will meet with a genetic counselor and/or medical geneticist for approximately 60-75 minutes. Consultations take place in the Oakwood Cancer Center at Oakwood Hospital - Dearborn in Dearborn.

The session will offer:

  • Evaluation of your medical history and family history to identify individuals at risk for cancer
  • Education on hereditary cancer syndromes and the impact of family history on one's cancer risk
  • Prevention options, including lifestyle changes and medical prevention programs
  • Recommendations for an appropriate and reassuring screening program
  • Discussion of the availability, risks and benefits of genetic testing

In preparation for your consultation, you may wish to gather detailed information about the health history of family members. Consider making a list of family members with cancer, the type of cancer they developed, and the age at which their cancer(s) were diagnosed. If available, medical records are also helpful and may be brought with you to your appointment for review.

This service is provided through a joint program of the Oakwood Cancer Center and the Department of Clinical Cytogenetics.  If you think you or your family would benefit from a genetic risk assessment for cancer, talk with your doctor or contact the Clinical Cytogenetics Department at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center at 313.593.8483.