Home Care

Oakwood Home Care Services
Oakwood Home Care delivers high quality health care to hundreds of residents throughout southeast Michigan. We provide patients an easy and effective way to communicate with our medical staff as we work to keep you happy and healthy in the comfort of your own home.

Referrals for home care are generally made directly by the physician, however, if a patient would like to request home care services, we can obtain approval from your physician to make an evaluation. Referrals are accepted 24/7, call 800.757.7711.

Oakwood Home Care Services contacts all patients within 24 hours of referral. Each patient is assigned to a primary care nurse who coordinates the team members involved in the total care of the patient. A nurse is available 24 hours a day for non-emergencies, questions or concerns.

Professionals who care

Our dedicated staff of registered nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, medical social workers, nutritionists and home health aides are committed to providing quality care. 
  • Nursing -  An Oakwood Home Care nurse will visit you at scheduled times to provide nursing services, observe and evaluate your progress and make regular reports to your physician. The nurse makes special efforts to include both you and your family in your care and healing process
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists - These certified therapists work with patients to help them regain strength, endurance and motor skills that have been lost due to an accident, injury, stroke or illness
  • Speech Pathologist -  Certified speech pathologists are available to work with patients who have speech impairments, hearing problems or swallowing disorders
  • Medical Social Worker - Medical Social Workers offer counseling for long-range planning and decision-making, assistance in evaluating patient and family social and emotional needs and help in coordinating community services such as Medicaid, meals, companionship and chores
  • Nutritionist - Individuals with certain medical conditions may need to follow a specific diet for the rest of their lives. Oakwood Home Care nutritionists provide education and information on a variety of diets, including low-cholesterol, cardiac, renal, low salt and diabetic. The nutritionist helps patients and families understand and adjust to their new way of life
  • Home Health Aide - Home Care aides assist patients with all aspects of daily living, including dressing, grooming, meal preparation and transfers (i.e. from bed to chair). Aides also help with light housekeeping, shopping and laundry

Specialized Home Care Services

Home care services are ideal for individuals who
  • Have been discharged from the hospital and need medical and personal assistance at home.
  • Need close health monitoring while at home to avoid re-hospitalization.
  • Need skilled nursing/education or medications.
  • Need physical, occupational or speech therapy in the home.
Who pays for Home Care?
Medicare, Medicaid, SelectCare, Blue Cross and most third-party payers have programs that will cover these costs. If you aren't sure what coverage you have, Oakwood Home Care Services will be glad to help.

Specialized Home Care Services
Diabetes Self-Management 
Our Diabetes Self-Management Program puts you in the driver’s seat. The more informed you are, the easier it will be to take control of your diabetes – rather than it taking control of you. The program is designed for Type1 and Type11 or gestational diabetes. During your initial visit the nurse will develop a plan designed to meet your individual needs. We work with your primary care provider to plan diabetes care and education that will assist you in learning to manage your diabetes and control blood sugar levels. Good control can prevent diabetes complications.

Cardiac/Congestive Heart Failure 
Under the direction of your physician, our staff provides clinical assessment, vital sign monitoring, instruction on disease process, therapy and energy conservation as well as psychosocial assessment and support for individuals with a cardiac diagnosis.

Obstetrical Care
Our staff is dedicated to providing care for pregnant women who require treatment for hyperemesis, gestational diabetes and hypertension.

Maternal Child Pediatrics
When it comes to your child, we want to ensure you have everything you need at home. That’s why we provide treatment for:
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Gastrostomy Care
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Home Apnea Monitoring
  • Phototherapy (bilirubin treatment)
  • Nebulizer Instruction
  • Enteral Therapy (tube feeding)
We provide adult and pediatric certified therapists for your in-home physical, occupational and speech therapy needs. Our trained professionals help you regain strength, endurance and motor skills lost by injury, illness, post-joint replacement or stroke. Oakwood’s speech therapists are also available to help you with speech and hearing impairments, swallowing disorders and communication deficits.

Wound & Ostomy Care
Oakwood’s specialized wound care nurse will assess and treat skin conditions, ostomy function, open wounds, bowel/bladder function and nutritional needs. Our Home Care nurses are trained and skilled with Wound Vac Therapy and can assist with equipment and supply needs.

Oncology/Infusion Therapy
Our professional staff will assist with the management of your infusion/nutrition needs in the comfort of your home. We provide home infusion therapy for chemotherapy, pain management, nutritional therapy (total parenteral nutrition and tube feedings), antibiotics and other medications.

Vestibular Rehabilitation 
Vestibular Rehabilitation is an alternative form of treatment involving exercise designed to decrease dizziness and increase balance and activity levels. We serve patients with unresolved inner ear disorders and other neurological disorders like stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and head injuries. Patients who have undergone surgery, or who have acute or abrupt loss of vestibular function can also benefit from vestibular rehabilitation.

Lymphedema Massage Therapy
Lymphedema is the collection of protein rich fluids that builds up in the body tissues. Our certified Lymphedema therapist provides in-home lymphedema massage therapy to prevent excessive buildup.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis Therapy
Under the direction of your physician, we provide coagulation (blood) monitoring in the home. Results are immediately reported to your physician. 

Telehealth/Health Buddy   
Telehealth and Health Buddy provide feelings of security and independence, education, early detection and intervention by remotely monitoring your health status, in the comfort of your own home.