Movement Disorders & Neuromodulation

Movement Disorders & Neuromodulation Center

The Oakwood Movement Disorders & Neuromodulation Center is a comprehensive consultation resource for referring physicians and patients. It is built upon the initiative that patients come first. We offer a variety of services, including, but not limited to, cutting edge Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy for patients who suffer from various movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and Dystonia. The center offers patients access to an expert team of movement disorder specialists who work together to evaluate and develop individual treatment plans. We believe that a patient’s quality of life can be enhanced when they fully understand their diagnosis and treatment options.

As a consultative service, the goal of this clinic is to work in partnership with the patient and the referring physician. Patients and physicians benefit from the all-inclusive integrated approach to care provided by the Program Coordinator and the entire staff. Our physicians offer unparalleled expertise in the latest treatments of movement disorders to help people improve function and quality of life. Treatment plans include medication, therapy and surgical management. Patients will also benefit through the centers participation in numerous clinical trials.

To make an appointment or for more information, please call the Oakwood Movement Disorders & Neuromodulation Center at 313.982.5604 or e-mail our program coordinator, Emily Buzas, at