Oakwood invests in childhood health with sponsorship of health and wellness website for schools
Oakwood Healthcare is making an investment in the health and well-being of children by becoming a co-owner and sponsor of an interactive website focused on tracking and monitoring healthy behaviors. MyNutratek is a fun and innovative online program that allows users to easily keep track of a number of healthy behaviors, including nutrition, exercise and sleep. The goal is to educate school-age children and their parents about the importance of healthy eating habits and physical activity in order to prevent diseases like diabetes.

“We all have to work together to start children on a healthier path at the earliest possible age,” said Brian Connolly, president and CEO, Oakwood Healthcare. “As a healthcare system, Oakwood is passionate about making sure children, their parents, schools and the communities we serve have the support and resources they need to live healthy lives. Our investment in myNutratek reflects our commitment to be an advocate for healthy children and families now and in the future.”

Part of Oakwood’s commitment to myNutratek includes sponsoring schools to provide students, families and citizens of those communities with free and unlimited access to the web-based tool. MyNutratek will allow each district to personalize the website and enter daily lunch menus. Nutritional values will be assigned to the school meals, allowing parents to see exactly what their kids are eating and to help them make better choices.

“When children are well-nourished, well-rested and physically fit, they are more than ready to learn,” said Connolly. “As a lifelong health care professional, I can’t think of a better way to empower and support our children.”

A recent study by the
American Heart Association suggests identifying and focusing on specific behaviors is one of the most effective ways to sustain change and promote long-term success.

“MyNutratek helps open a dialogue between the school and its families, while simultaneously empowering students and parents to take personal responsibility for their health,” said Oakwood internal medicine physician,
Bob Sharon, MD. “It records it, reports it and rewards good behaviors, so if you’re compliant in managing these choices over a period of time, you’re going to get a healthy nutritional report card. It’s literally turning the lunchroom into a classroom.”

The myNutratek platform comes at a time when the focus on childhood obesity is at an all time high. First Lady Michelle Obama’s signature platform, Let’s Move, encourages families and children to eat healthier foods and get more exercise. Locally, Governor Snyder’s Michigan dashboard provides a quick assessment of the State’s performance in key areas, including health and wellness.

Tim Codd, CEO and Parent of myNutratek, was inspired to develop the platform as a passionate response to health crisis facing children, teens and adults in Michigan and across the country.

“myNutratek wellness tools are designed to empower users to take charge of their personal health and the health of their families,” said Codd. “These wellness tools go beyond addressing the fundamentals of proper nutrition – they allow users to compare dietary options, create healthy menus, record their daily food consumption and track exercise and sleep.”

“It’s about making small, doable changes,” said Dr. Sharon. “Drinking more water, eating more vegetables, being more active and keeping track of those habits are all manageable behaviors that can be sustained over time.”

Engaging in the activities on the website can result in increased awareness and help initiate robust conversations with family doctors about personal data – without costing families a penny.

“We want to improve the health of every child in our community through prevention and awareness,” said Connolly. “The high rates of diabetes, stroke and heart attack are preventable. Nutrition is a big part of that prevention.”

For more information about myNutratek or to find how you can register, visit