Oakwood takes Imaging Services 'on the road'

The Oakwood Healthcare System can now bring advanced diagnostic equipment to patients, regardless of how elderly or incapacitated they are.

Oakwood now offers mobile imaging services to long-term care patients and homebound residents of southeastern Michigan, bringing the region’s most efficient and reputable X-ray and ultrasound equipment to their very doorstep.

“We do procedures on patients who are too ill to leave their skilled nursing facility and/or home bond residence and come to our imaging centers and/or hospitals,” said Tim Vargas, administrator of imaging services for Oakwood Healthcare. “It’s a cost savings for patients and their medical providers and it’s safer, too.”

Through a partnership with Michigan Mobile Imaging, Oakwood now offers services such as X-Rays, MRIs, and Ultrasounds. The equipment provides the same quality and diagnostic capability as of those found in regular imaging facilities and hospitals, only the units are more compact in size. It is accessible through a specially-equipped van that can travel to long-term care facilities, making it easier for patients who would otherwise need to be transported by ambulance to receive those services.

“There’s risk and undue expense involved whenever you take a patient out of their immediate care surroundings and put them into the back of a vehicle to transport them,” said Vargas.

The service became available in November 2011. Providing mobile imaging is the latest step Oakwood has taken to make imaging services more accessible and safer for patients throughout southeastern Michigan. Oakwood is the first healthcare system in the state to offer a 160-slice CT Scanner and has since installed radiation-reduction software on its multi-slice CT scanners at all of its hospitals and imaging centers. With its recent acquisition of an imaging center in Taylor, Oakwood is taking steps to build on its foundation of physicians and experts to provide consistent, safe and comprehensive imaging services to patients throughout southeastern Michigan.

“We’re trying to reduce unnecessary procedures and tests to save health care dollars and keep all patient information on one network across a large healthcare system,” Vargas said.

For more information about imaging services at Oakwood, click here.