Major renovation planned at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital

A renovation project at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital (OAH) in Wayne will provide more space in the emergency department, increase the efficiency of the operation and reduce the amount of time patients will spend there.

The Oakwood Healthcare System is spending $4 million on a year-long project to redesign and expand the emergency department at the hospital to improve the overall patient experience, said Eric Widner, division president of Oakwood Healthcare.

“This is the largest renovation project in our emergency department since the hospital opened in 1957,” said Widner. “It’s a continuation of our commitment to provide the highest level of care to the community. We are confident that through these changes we will improve community access to and satisfaction with emergency care services provided at Oakwood Annapolis.”

The project involves an expansion of about 1,500 square feet as well as a renovation of the existing 11,000 square feet in the department. The renovation will result in a modest increase in bed capacity and a significant improvement in design of patient flow, along with optimized patient privacy, enhanced geriatric and bariatric care safety, and greater capacity for isolation and decontamination. It will augment the separation between the pedestrian and ambulance entrances to promote safety. The new waiting room as well as internal refinements will support the “Start Up” and “Fast Track”’ initiatives, which are designed to ensure that patients are seen in a timely fashion.

“Our goal is to ensure that patients are seen earlier by an attending physician, which will result in earlier treatment, earlier relief of symptoms, earlier test results, and ultimately a shorter stay in the ED,” said Liliana Mandiuc, clinical manager of the Emergency Department at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital.

The dedicated ambulance entrance will provide for an accelerated ambulance drop-off, which will help patients that require acute care receive faster treatment The renovation will also provide a larger resuscitation room capable of accommodating two patients, which will support the pursuit of Level III Trauma center verification at the hospital. The hospital last upgraded its emergency department in 1993.

Wayne Mayor Al Haidous said he was pleased to see the investment in the hospital and the community.

“I was very excited to see such a modern way of doing business here in the City of Wayne,” he said. “We are happy to have such a facility in our community.”

The work will be phased in throughout the year and, through a collaborative effort between the hospital and emergency department leadership, the architects and builder, be conducted in a way that will ensure no loss of bed capacity or reduction in ability to provide emergency care, Widner said.

“It won’t be business as usual, but we have a plan,” he said. “We will be very thoughtful in the execution of this project to ensure that patients will continue to receive the same high level of care.”