First phase of Emergency Room expansion complete at Oakwood Annapolis

The first phase of an extensive renovation and expansion of the Emergency Room at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital is now complete.

The project is designed to provide more space in the emergency department, increase the efficiency of the operation and reduce the amount of time patients will spend there. The year-long project cost about $4 million, and is the largest investment in the emergency department since the hospital opened in1957. It will be constructed in four phases with the estimated completion date of June, 2013.

“Our goal is to ensure that patients are seen earlier by an attending physician, which will result in earlier treatment, earlier relief of symptoms, earlier test results, and ultimately a shorter stay in the ED,” said Eric W. Widner, division president of Oakwood Annapolis Hospital .

The project involves an expansion of about 1,500 square feet as well as a renovation of the existing 11,000 square feet in the department. The renovation will increase bed capacity with a significant improvement in design of patient flow, along with optimized patient privacy, along with enhanced geriatric care safety.

“Our big gain will be in efficiency,” said Ralph Scolari, DO, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Oakwood Annapolis.

Oakwood acquired Annapolis Hospital in 1989. Since 2004, Oakwood has constructed a surgical center at the hospital, fully renovated its birthing center, opened a specialized hospice and palliative care unit, and made numerous upgrades to services and technology, including an Open MRI unit, and most recently the purchase of a da Vinci surgical robot. Oakwood Annapolis was certified as a Level III Trauma Center earlier this year.

“This renovation and expansion project is another example of how Oakwood puts patients first,” said David Bertasio, director of the emergency department at Oakwood Annapolis. “Our goal in the ED is to treat patients as quickly as possible and make them as comfortable as possible. These improvements will help Oakwood improve on the safe, productive and efficient care we already provide. It’s all about the patient.”