Oakwood Annapolis hospital expands fully digital services

Oakwood Annapolis Hospital in Wayne is now offering new and expanded fully-digital, low-dose Interventional Imaging services.

With the opening of a new Interventional Imaging lab at Annapolis, interventional physicians are now able to treat a wider range of clinical conditions caused by increasingly common vascular and oncologic disorders, according to Tim Vargas, administrator of Imaging Services for Oakwood Healthcare.

“This new and exciting technology offers multiple benefits to both physicians and patients,” said Vargas.

The new lab contains a fully digital, low-dose, imaging system that provides detailed 3D images of vascular structures that will allow for faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease while reducing the risk of radiation exposure for patients. The more detailed information will also allow physicians to use a minimally invasive catheter-based approach for performing diagnostic, stenting, balloon angioplasty and embolizations, which translates into reduced risk and shorter hospital stays compared to traditional surgical approaches, as well as less pain and visible scarring afterward. Like all Oakwood imaging centers, they deliver the lowest doses of radiation possible.

“The safety of our patients is as important as medical progress, and Oakwood is proud to be on the leading edge of patient safety, quality, and excellence in medical imaging, said Vargas. “We’re happy to provide these services. It will enhance the already high level of care we provide at Oakwood.”

For more information, visit www.oakwood.org.