Oakwood Physicians (OPi) announces plans for multi-specialty cardiovascular group

The newly dedicated sign in front of the former Dearborn Cardiologist Associates office is an indication of big things to come. 

Samir Dabbous, MD, FACC, and his medical partner Peter Mancini, MD, FACC, renamed the clinic to Oakwood Cardiovascular Associates after they joined the Oakwood Physicians (OPi) organization in November. They plan to bring in eight additional OPi partners with various cardiovascular specialties to the practice on Beech Street in Dearborn in order to provide better and more complete care to cardiac patients. The group also plans in 2014 to form three distinct clinics to treat patients with atrial fibrillation, heart failure and valvular disorders.

“Bringing multiple cardiology disciplines and sub-specialties under one roof will allow us to work more collaboratively,” said Dr. Dabbous, who also serves as the director of Heart and Vascular Services for the Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center. “We will be able to meet throughout the day to discuss patient care plans in real time.”

The multi-specialty model will foster teamwork between doctors and will be more convenient for patients, said Reza Dabir, MD.

“A patient can get access to multiple providers in one day and will not have to leave the building for many tests,” said Dr. Dabir. “Patients who come in for a cardiovascular problem can see the entire team of physicians and ancillary staff in one place.

“It’s a team approach,” he added. “Everyone is available for input as to the best way to care for the patient. 

The new group will include: 

    • Samir Dabbous, MD, FACC – Interventional Cardiology 
    • Peter Mancini, MD, FACC – Interventional Cardiology 
    • James Spears, MD 
    • Peter Vaitkevicius, MD 
    • Timothy Sell, MD 
    • Reza Dabir, MD 
    • Chris Liakonis, DO 
    • John Hilu, MD 
    • Maria Viqar, MD – Electrophysiology 
    • Ashish Gangasani, MD – Electrophysiology

To schedule an appointment with Oakwood Cardiovascular Associates, call the Dearborn office at 313.228.0505 or the Brownstown office at 734.365.8030.

CUTLINE: Samir Dabbous, MD, FACC, (left) and Peter Singer, MD, FACC, cut the ribbon on their new sign at Oakwood Cardiovascular Associates, a multi-specialty practice that caters to patients with heart trouble.