Oakwood clinic honored as ideal learning facility

The Oakwood Healthcare Center—Westland was recognized recently as one of the best places to learn and gain experience in family medicine.

The Wayne State University School of Medicine honored the facility with the Wayne State School of Medicine Family Medicine Clinical Campus Award for 2011-2012. It’s the first time the university has given out the award.

“This tells a story of how students learn about more than just the scientific aspects of healthcare at Oakwood, but they learn how to treat patients with compassion, care and excellence,” said Mark Hannis, MD, senior vice president and director of medical education for Oakwood Healthcare, Inc. “This speaks to the ability of our faculty physicians, residents, nurses, and office staff to show care and compassion for their patients, while teaching at a very high level.”

In their third year of medical education, WSU students are assigned to sites across southeastern Michigan. Between 40-60 students rotate at Oakwood from WSU during their third year alone and all of them come through the OHC-Westland site on a month to month basis. The students selected the Oakwood Healthcare Center—Westland above clinical campuses sponsored by Beaumont, Henry Ford and other health systems.

“We are honored to receive such an award,” said Scott Yaekle, MD, one of the primary physicians at the Westland clinic. “We are proud to know that the students appreciate our high levels of teaching enough to recognize us in this way."
Yaekle was also recognized with the Aesculapian Staff Award for his efforts to educate new doctors. Named after the Greek god of health, the award is a type of lifetime achievement award presented to doctors whose teaching has significantly impact his or her students. Yaekle, a family medicine doctor, who has been involved with teaching young doctors virtually since he graduated from the Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1992, certainly fits the bill, said Karen Weaver, MD, director of the family practice at the Oakwood Healthcare Center—Westland.

“He’s there every step of the way for them,” she said. “He really mentors and models what patient care is, and what the patient relationship should be for these medical students.”

Yaekle, who called his job “the greatest in the world,” said he was humbled by the award.

“I couldn’t think of any greater honor than to be recognized and appreciated in this manner by these bright young people I get the great opportunity to work with every day,” he said.

The Oakwood Healthcare Center—Westland is located at 2001 S. Merriman Road and features a staff of six physicians who specialize in family medicine and OB/GYN. To schedule an appointment, call 800.543.WELL.