Our Hiring Process

A Simple and Thorough Process

Oakwood Nurse Recruiters pride themselves in being prompt and personal when it comes to their contact with candidates. From the time the candidate inquiry begins, a Nurse Recruiter is there every step of the way to assure the application, interview and new hire process are completed quickly and meet your needs.

Visit us in person at:
Oakwood Hospital - Wayne- 2nd floor with Employee Health
Oakwood Hospital - Taylor - 1st floor near Emergency
Oakwood Hospital - Dearborn -1st floor Suite 131X across from HR
Oakwood Hospital - Southshore - Modular Building-near HR

Interview Tips

You always want to make a great first impression because you might not have the chance to make a second. Here are a few tips to help make your first impression the best one possible.

  • Dress professionally. Business casual attire is appropriate.
  • More importantly, bring a positive attitude! A positive attitude will speak volumes to the recruiter. Consider what you can do for the organization rather than what the organization can do for you.
  • Spend some time before the interview contemplating what you want from your career and prepare to compromise, if need be.
  • Know yourself! Is it more important to find a career in your preferred area of nursing or to find a shift that creates the work/life balance you desire? Decide where you will best succeed and focus on a positive outcome.
  • Set yourself up for success! A lot of new grads want ICU or ER, but that’s not always the best fit. Remember, it is always easier to advance into these areas rather than take on more than you can handle.
  • Consider your marketability later on! Realize that what you think you love now and think you want to do may change for a variety of reasons. Get a solid medical/surgical background before you specialize.
  • Think ahead! Be ready to answer, with examples, any questions the recruiter may ask you.
  • Make eye contact. Be humble. Be honest.
  • Come prepared with resume, letters of recommendation, transcripts and BLS card. Have the address/phone numbers of past employers. If you have a portfolio with all of this information all the better.
  • Be ready to ask any questions that matter to you. Not questions you think might impress.

Invest your time and thought into preparing for an interview and you’ll reap the benefits with a position that’s perfect for you!