Graduate Nurse Residency Program

A Great Beginning on the Road to Success

The Oakwood Healthcare System Nursing Program has designed a new program that helps the new graduate nurse extern in his/her socialization into the professional role, accelerates skill acquisition necessary to work in the hospital environment and assists in keeping the new Oakwood nurse in our family. This program combines the support of a mentor and an extraordinary learning opportunity to empower the new graduate with the skills they need to grow and advance in the rewarding field of nursing.

Each graduate nurse extern can choose a mentor who will:

  • Serve as a role model to the Graduate Nurse Extern (GNE)
  • Consistently engage the GNE in discussion of recent patient/unit events to improve skill level and critical thinking skills
  • Discuss topics which can include a review of their clinical narrative (journaling), verbal recounts of positive/negative patient/unit experiences, and alternative actions related to that experience