Oakwood operates 6 pharmacies around southeast Michigan.
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Taking time to know our patients is not an option, it's how we do business. It's common for our staff to know you by name and to review all of your current medications with you. We also work with your physicians to find the best medications for you, with the least side effects and the lowest possible cost. Our staff has the answers to your pharmacy questions.

Compounding Specialists
Oakwood pharmacists are trained in the art of compounding prescriptions. We still make some suppositories, capsules, pills, suspensions, and many different lotions, creams, and ointments from scratch. On the high-tech side, we prepare IV solutions including hydration, pain management, and select antibiotic therapies that cannot be taken orally.

Special Delivery To Oakwood Patients
If you're being discharged from an Oakwood Healthcare System hospital with prescriptions, you can have your prescriptions filled at the hospital. Ask your nurse to give your prescription to the outpatient pharmacy. We will see that it is filled and in your hands before you leave. State-of-the-Art Technology

Computer Network
Oakwood Pharmacy offers quality service that combines old-fashioned service with modern technology. As part of the Oakwood Healthcare System, we can incorporate state-of-the-art technology into our service. Our computer network allows us to search the medical history of every patient for individual drug allergies, drug-to-drug interactions, and duplicate medication orders.

Quality Assurance
Oakwood Pharmacy assures you of the quality and professionalism you have come to expect from the Oakwood name. All of our services meet strict Oakwood Healthcare System quality assurance standards. We are proud to provide quality care through our professional staff.

Meeting Your Needs

Oakwood Pharmacy participates in most plans currently offered in our market area. They include, but are not limited to, the following: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid, Value Rx, PCS SelectCare and Advance. Please ask us about your particular insurance.

Durable Medical Equipment
For your convenience, Oakwood Pharmacy has a wide variety of home healthcare equipment. This includes diabetic glucometers, compression hose, ostomy supplies, blood pressure kits, stethoscopes, plus much more. Many of these items can be billed directly to Medicare or to your private insurance carrier. Our equipment meets Oakwood's high standards of quality and durability. Ask one of our pharmacists for assistance.

Drugs And Pharmaceuticals
Because we have access to extensive resources through the Oakwood Healthcare System, we can carry a large and varied inventory of drugs and pharmaceuticals that surpasses what the local drugstore can offer.

The Oakwood Family
Over the past 40 years Oakwood Pharmacy has developed a reputation as a leader in pharmaceutical care. We have consistently provided outstanding service to the four hospitals and 50 satellite facilities of the Oakwood Healthcare System.

Remember . . . 
Professional, caring staff
Large inventory of drugs and pharmaceuticals
Participation in many insurance programs
Durable medical equipment
High quality service
Technology You Need With Service You Deserve

Oakwood Pharmacy exists for one reason: to enhance the overall health of our patients by consistently providing the highest level of pharmaceutical care. This service requires going beyond filling prescriptions. It means treating our patients with respect, compassion, and dignity. We take pride in developing a strong relationship between the community, physicians, and our pharmacists.