Send a Random Act of Kindness

As your healthcare providers, we understand that wellness goes far beyond physical health. It’s important that our patients feel well emotionally, too, which is why Random Acts of Kindness are so important to us. We believe that small, anonymous acts are a great way to spread kindness and joy to the people around us.

With this in mind, you are invited to participate in a Random Act of Kindness by sending a card to a patient undergoing cancer treatment at one of Oakwood’s Centers for Hematology & Oncology.

Here’s how:

  1. Download and print the card template. Feel free to print multiple copies and have your family and friends join you 
  2. Color it in. Be sure to add your own personal touch 
  3. Sign it using your first name only
  4. Mail it to us at the address below
Oakwood Physicians (OPi)
Attn: Kim Verellen
15500 Lundy Parkway
Dearborn, MI 48126

At the end of each month, the cards will be taken to the Oakwood Centers for Hematology & Oncology in Brownstown and Dearborn and given to patients undergoing treatment.

Thank you for your Random Act of Kindness! To learn more about how we specialize in you, sign up for our email newsletter Friends of Oakwood.