Infertility / Reproduction

Reproductive Medicine - Endocrinology and Infertility Services

Helping couples overcome infertility issues

Oakwood has 2 locations for Reproductive Medicine-Dearborn and Clinton Township. Our specialists offer a wealth of services, including artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, semen analysis and treatment for recurrent miscarriages as well as other services – all geared toward helping women become happy, healthy moms. 

Our Customer:
We accept all patients under 40 years of age that have one year of infertility. Patients aged 40 to 50 are asked to send their records into our office so that a specialist can review them to determine if we are able to help. We are unable to provide appointments for patients over the age of 50.

Working to make your dreams come true
Oakwood offers a more personalized approach than many other programs with the highest quality expertise and technology to assist you with your dreams of starting a family.

Other Resources:
Visit the
American Society for Reproductive Medicine for additional information.