The Sanctuary

Campaign to Expand
The Sanctuary…expanding to serve our community

The journey to complete the expansion of the Sanctuary is complete! The new space has taken shape and the existing Sanctuary has become one integrated united worship space. Share these photos with your friends, co-workers and associates and join Oakwood’s mission to provide a place for prayer, meditation and spiritual healing by contributing to this worthy initiative.

The Sanctuary - Where all are Welcome.

Photos taken April 13, 2011 

The Sanctuary expansion is complete!

The united central entrance to the Sanctuary.

The pre-existing chapel.

The new expanded space and the pre-existing chapel can be kept open for large services or separated by glass partitions for privacy.

The wall oriented for Muslim prayer, the Mihrab.

The back wall of the new expanded space.

The Healing Family statue, proudly on display in the family waiting area.

The Sanctuary at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center

Please join our campaign to make the expansion of the Sanctuary a reality.
Oakwood Healthcare Foundation

At Oakwood, it is our privilege to provide comprehensive, compassionate healthcare to the members of our many communities. Spiritual healing is a facet of this care, just as important to health and wellness as are science and medicine. The Sanctuary at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center is a place where all may come for prayer and meditation, solace and comfort. It is a testament to Oakwood’s value of diversity, being a place where all faith traditions are respected and cherished. The rich diversity of our care providers mirrors the people we serve, and the Sanctuary helps our healers find the spiritual support they need as well. Oakwood is in a unique position to set the standard for spiritual care within a hospital. The existing space is already at the geographic center of the hospital. The expansion of the current facility reconfigures the space to allow people of different faiths to better experience prayer and meditation. With your help and support, we can truly say that the spirit of healing is at the heart of Oakwood.

The guiding principles for the design

  •   Spaces for prayer, meditation and reflection which reflect the dignity of the human spirit
  •   Respect or different ways of worship and meditation Opportunities to observe and learn from our various faith traditions
  •   Balancing the science of healing with the practice of spiritual healing

Features of the expansion plans include
  •   A common center door welcoming all to the space
  •   An obelisk displaying various faith symbols
  •   Stained glass walls celebrating multiple faiths
  •   Sliding glass partitions to provide privacy Seating for 100 for group worship
A $1.3 million capital campaign is being conducted to raise the necessary funds for the expansion and renovations

For gift opportunities or to visit our facilities, please contact the Oakwood Foundation at 313.586.5234

“A recent first-hand experience indelibly etched in our minds the importance of having a place of sanctuary at Oakwood. Recently, our longtime friend and neighbor lay dying at the hospital. We were privileged to share with him and his family some brief, poignant moments in his final hours. Saying goodbye for the final time, we were pretty shaken up. Having easy access to a place of quiet reflection eased our grief. A sanctuary is an integral part of what Oakwood is all about.”
William & Candyce Abbatt, Esqs.

“If we all observed and abided by our respective religious tenets, there would be no wars or turmoil in this world of ours.”

Michael & Cynthia Berry