Spiritual Support

While you or a loved one is a patient at an Oakwood hospital, we do our very best to ensure your emotional and spiritual needs are met. We value all religious traditions and offer support and comfort aligned with your personal faith experience.


A chaplain can provide spiritual care through empathetic listening and compassion for persons in distress. Staff chaplains will provide:

  • Short-term pastoral counseling
  • Grief support and guidance
  • Help facilitating end-of-life decision-making
  • Crisis intervention
  • Assistance in communication with caregivers
  • Conflict resolution among patients and family members
  • Emotional and spiritual support to health care staff

Volunteer Pastoral Care Visitors

Volunteer Spiritual Support staff are trained to assist chaplains in providing services to patients. They represent a variety of faith traditions and provide personal and family prayer, communion, and spiritual literature and information.

Sacramental Ministries
Catholic patients who wish to receive the Sacramental Anointing of the Sick or the Sacrament of Reconciliation are encouraged to contact Spiritual Support Services and we can arrange for a Catholic priest to visit.

Contact a Chaplain

  • Oakwood Hospital - Dearborn |313.593.7200
  • Oakwood Hospital - Taylor | 313.295.6700
  • Oakwood Hospital - Southshore | 734.671.3647
  • Oakwood Hospital - Wayne | 734.467.4057
  • Oakwood Common Retirement Community | 313.253.9600

Oakwood Children's Grief Book

Help your family deal with grief and with the sometimes overwhelming task of helping children come to terms with loss. Depending on their age, children deal with grief in different ways, some of which can have long-term effects. In fact, parents or other family members may not know how to recognize signs of grief and coping in children, or may miss the signals as they deal with grief themselves. This guide will provide valuable information for anyone who is dealing with loss or who is helping a child cope with grief. Download the entire booklet now