Tobacco-Free Hiring

To foster a healthier workforce as well as demonstrate to our patients and the community
our strong commitment to health and wellness, as of Oct. 1, 2011
Oakwood Healthcare only hires tobacco-free employees

tobacco free hiring

Frequently Asked Questions
Is screening for tobacco/nicotine use legal?
Yes. Users of nicotine are not in a legally protected class. Non-nicotine hiring policies have been adopted by companies in Michigan and in other states.

How are applicants tested for nicotine?
Applicants will be tested after an offer of employment has been extended. The testing is part of the urine drug screen done at the time of the pre-employment physical. Nicotine test results are on a pass/fail basis.

If any applicant fails the screening for nicotine, can he/she reapply for employment?
Our application asks about the use of tobacco and nicotine replacement, and candidates will be screened for nicotine before they are hired. If a candidate provides false information on their application they will not be eligible for hire.

Does the Tobacco/Nicotine Free Hiring Policy impact current employees?
No, not at this time.

Why the focus on tobacco/nicotine?
The health risks and related costs associated with nicotine use have caused Oakwood Healthcare to focus on this in its initiative to have a healthier workforce and to contain the costs of providing health care benefits to its employees and their dependents.

What could cause a positive nicotine result on the screening?
Any substance that contains nicotine will produce a positive result. In addition to cigarettes, this would include chewing tobacco, snuff, nicotine patch, nicotine gum, cigars, etc. 

Does second hand smoke produce a positive result?
When testing for nicotine, the lab has built in levels that would take into account the possibility of second hand smoke. Therefore, a positive result will mean the individual who tested positive is a tobacco/nicotine user. 

I am currently trying to quit, will I be hired?
Unfortunately no. The use of the patch or other cessation tools will generate a positive test and thus nullify any job offer.

If a current employee terminates employment and then re-applies, will they be subject to the new screening?
Yes, anyone completing the pre-employment physical process on or after October 1, 2011 will be tested for nicotine.