Travel Medicine

Travel MedicineThinking of traveling overseas?
If so, there's more to planning than packing a suitcase and hopping on a plane. That's why Oakwood Heathcare System offers Oakwood Travel Medicine: To help travelers prepare for all-health-related concerns that accompany overseas travel.

Managed by physicians and nurses who specialize in Infectious Disease, Oakwood Travel Medicine provides a wealth of important information for the traveler.

Valuable Travel Information
First, we'll ask detailed questions about travel plans; not only where you're going, but also what you will be doing. Then, we'll give you travel-related information that best meets your specific needs. This can include:

  • High altitude sickness
  • Safe drinking water
  • The use of ice in drinks
  • What to pack in a first-aid kit
  • How to manage tropical heat
  • Swimming in fresh and salt water
  • Foot care
  • Traveling tips for pregnant women, children and handicapped individuals
  • Jet lag
  • Motion sickness

Vaccinations, Proof of Immunization, Prescriptions
Once you visit Oakwood Travel Medicine, you can take-off to distant countries with peace of mind that you're armed against viruses and infections.

Our preventative services include:

  • Vaccinations for illnesses such as Hepatitis A and B, Polio, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, etc.
  • Preventative therapy against Malaria
  • Recommended treatment for diarrhea, nausea, constipation and other conditions related to poor sanitation in some countries.
  • Healthcare provider's advice on how to avoid these conditions

We also provide Proof of Immunization and other forms required by some countries.

Country-Specific Information
Through an advanced computer system, we can provide you with up-to-date listings of country-specific data, including:

  • Active infections, viruses and epidemics in each country
  • The political atmosphere of each country
  • Other important information relating to specific countries and regions
  • Embassy and consulates' telephone numbers and addresses in foreign countries

After Your Trip
We encourage our clients to notify the clinic to address any illness or discomfort you experienced while away, or any type of health problem which developed since your return. If necessary, we will provide appropriate test and/or treatments.

Payments and Insurance
You'll find that rates for office visits, as well as vaccinations, are competitively priced. Currently, travel medicine is not covered by most insurance companies and payments are collected at the time of service. Patients are, however, encouraged to submit any travel medicine receipts to their insurance provider in an attempt for reimbursement.

Located in the Oakwood Healthcare Center - Mercury Drive, Suite 201. For appointments and additional information, please call 313.982.4351.