Vendor Information

Oakwood Vendor Guide
The following information is offered to assist you in conducting your business activities with Oakwood Healthcare System (OHS). It is our sincere hope that, together, we can continue to provide our hospitals and our patients with the finest services available.

Okawood vendor program

All vendors must complete our vendor application to be considered for business with Oakwood. There is a fee for the application dependent on the level of access you require to our hospitals. See OHS Terms & Conditions.

Oakwood is a member of VHA, which is a nationwide network of 2,400 leading, community-owned healthcare organizations and their affiliated physicians. VHA seeks to help organizations improve community health and achieve market success through shared knowledge and unwavering commitment.

Code of Conduct
OHS will conduct its affairs consistent with applicable law, regulations and with business integrity. Patient care is the priority for OHS. Vendors are required to follow OHS policies and code of conduct.

Provide excellence in care, healing and health to the individuals and communities we serve

Become the recognized leader in clinical quality, service and value as an independent health care system.

Core Values
Oakwood’s Credo is
Patients Come First.
Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Diversity, Ownership

Supply Chain Strategy
Create an effective supply chain operating model that will produce sustainable cost reductions, support high customer service standards, consolidate the supply chain infrastructure and standardize business practices.

Materials Management Goals of Service
Provide optimum support to our caregivers by providing them with timely accessibility of appropriate, clean, safe, user-friendly products, equipment and services
  1. Have a clear understanding of and maximum influence over all elements of supply chain cost
  2. Maximize understanding of and support for current and emerging technology
  3. Work with trading partners to enhance each other’s quality of service and cost profile

Business Standards
Gifts or gratuities of any kind are subject to OHS Code of Conduct and any violations of this could negatively impact future business, as well as, be subject to violation of federal, state or other laws. Vendors will promptly complete and return any requested disclosure form regarding compliance.

Introducing Products or Services
All sales representatives seeking to introduce products or services for consideration at any Oakwood site should initially contact the Corporate Purchasing Department located at 23400 Michigan Ave in Dearborn. The purpose for initiating such contact is to become informed of the status of the product or service in question; that is, whether it is currently contracted, whether it is applicable to our institutions, whether previously considered, etc. All purchasing arrangements and contracts are negotiated at this location. Purchasing staff will meet with sales reps by appointment only.

Vendor Application

After initial contact and acceptance, all vendors must complete the Vendor Application to be considered for business with OHS. There is a fee for the application dependent on the level of access required to our hospitals. As part of the application process, Vendors must acknowledge our policies, agree to background checks performed and possible fingerprinting. Applying first without acceptance by Purchasing does not guarantee business with Oakwood.

Site Visits
Site Visits require you to make appointments with designated hospital personnel after the initial contact with Purchasing. It is the intent of this protocol to best manage your time as well as the time of the purchasing department staff and other hospital personnel. Vendors are to make appointments in advance with specific areas or departments. Under no circumstances will a sales rep be permitted to visit OHS staff without a scheduled appointment.

Upon entrance to a hospital, Vendors are required to sign in at the Vendor Sign-in/out Station and may then access public areas that are not patient care (unless authorized), private offices, designated conference rooms and/or administrative offices.


Vendors must park in designated visitor parking areas and pay the appropriate parking fees. Site specific parking restrictions must be observed

Badges Oakwood vendor access badges

Vendors will receive a temporary badge upon sign in at the site that must be worn while on site. Badges and badge holders must be returned at the close of the business meeting upon sign out at the Vendor Sign-in/out Station. Badges are not transferable.

All bids must be submitted on forms accompany the request for quotation, responding in the format as requested. OHS reserves the right to accept all, a portion of, or none of the quotation. Usage figures furnished in quotations are approximate based on previous usage and should not be construed as a commitment by OHS to purchase quantities listed.

Purchase orders

Vendors may only deliver or install products, equipment or services that have been pre-approved for use by authorized OHS personnel as determined by the Corporate Purchasing Department. Vendors will not encourage clinicians or hospital staff to bring in any product outside of the established OHS product process. All purchases of products and services must be approved by appropriate department head and supported by a valid purchase order. OHS is not responsible or required to pay for any order of products or services not authorized by the Purchasing or Materials Management departments. Such authorization is made by the issuance of a purchase order. Purchase requisitions are not an authorization to purchase.

Products, equipment, or services provided without prior approval or a valid purchase order will be considered a gift or donation to OHS or may be returned at the supplier’s expense.

Products and equipment for trial or evaluation will be provided to OHS at no charge and supported with a ‘no charge’ purchase order. If a patient charge is generated, a Purchase Order will be required.

Vendors will not request anyone other than a designated member of Materials Management or Pharmacy departments to sign any type of purchasing agreement or contract. Agreements or contracts signed by a non-authorized OHS agent will be considered non-binding. No agreement will be deemed valid until all OHS contract conditions are met.

Business Standards
Solicitation to patients and employees on OHS premises is prohibited. Any solicitation or distribution of materials must be authorized in writing.

Vendors cannot target promotional activity at members of the pharmacy, therapeutics or other committees responsible for recommending or approving formulary drugs, devices, or services for use in OHI.

The Corporate Purchasing Department, OHI Administration or Pharmacy office must approve vendor participation in OHI events. Displays may not be placed in OHS public areas. They may only contain OHS approved information and are limited to educational materials of modest cost. Offsite Educational Programs are permitted with written approval from the OHI site administrator.


Protected Health Information is confidential. Vendors direct presence with a patient during patient care is subject to patient consent. If required, Vendors shall wear OHI issued scrubs (for a fee).

Vendor representatives failure to adhere to the regulations set forth in the Vendor Representative Interactions Policy and other OHS Policies will result in the following:

  1. On the first infraction, the facility on-site dept manager will address the situation with the Vendor rep; identify and clarify the policy to prevent further occurrences. This interaction will be documented and reported to the Corporate Director of Purchasing in writing.
  2. On the second infraction by the same rep, an investigation will be conducted that may lead to a letter of reprimand from the OHS Corporate Director of Purchasing. This letter will be sent to the rep as well as his/her employer.
  3. After the third infraction by the same rep, an investigation will be conducted that may lead to the rep’s permanent suspension of privilege to access OHS facilities. The reps employer will be notified of the infraction in writing. Hospital management or security will prevent access to reps who do not comply with these policies.

Any violation of federal, state or other regulatory laws will lead to the termination of the contract or other business relationship. OHS will report these violations to the appropriate agency, which may lead to fines or imprisonment.


Unless otherwise specified, all deliveries are FOB Hospital and must be directed to the Receiving Department of the appropriate hospital as designated on the Purchase Order. All shipments must be identified with our PO number. Deliveries may be made weekdays, excluding holidays, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Under no circumstances should items be delivered to user departments unless authorization is first obtained from either the Materials Management or Purchasing Departments. In such cases, Materials Management must receive a copy of the packing slip. Payment cannot be assured if these policies are not followed.


All equipment coming into an OHS facility for demonstration, evaluation, clinical/workplace application or purchase must be inspected before delivery to a unit. Patient care equipment will be inspected by Clinical Engineering, non-patient care equipment will be inspected by Facilities Services, Computer equipment will be inspected by Information Technology.

Prior to removal, any equipment that might contain patient information, e.g., computers, fax machines, must have the approval of Information Technology.

Pharmacy Rep Sign-In

In addition to general sign in and out, and if required by the site pharmacy manager, vendors who are pharmaceutical representatives are to check in with the on-site pharmacy or pharmacy manager.


All invoices and statements must include the PO number, addressee’s name as it appears on the order, FOB point, and payment terms. All original invoices are to be sent directly to the attention

Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 2801
Dearborn, MI 48123-2801

Invoices must match the shipment and purchase order price, unit of measure, and item number. Following these procedures will avoid any delays in processing your invoice for payment. Inquiries regarding invoices should be directed to Accounts Payable at 313.586.5636.

Protecting our environment makes good health and business sense. Oakwood Healthcare, Inc. seeks vendors whose products and services reduce packaging materials, energy and waste.

Download and print the
Oakwood Vendor Guide (PDF)
For more information, please contact the Oakwood Purchasing department by phone at 313.791.4500 or fax 313.791.4510.