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04/20/2014 WJR Everyday Hero: Arta Dervishi Click to view “The actions of the selfless, long working, long suffering, long compassionate Oakwood nurses got me back on my feet.” That’s what one patient wrote in his newspaper column following his stay at Oakwood Hospital-Dearborn, and he’s with us this morning to tell us more about his experience. On the line is Morris Goodman, who is here to thank his Everyday Hero: Arta Dervishi, a staff nurse at Oakwood Hospital-Dearborn.
04/20/2014 WJR Stress and Overall Health Click to view Samyuktha Madishetty, MD
According to a recent study by the American Psychiatric Association, Americans are facing a public health crisis caused by stress. This not only impacts mental health, but physical health as well, especially if you already have a chronic disease like high blood pressure. If you’re feeling that stress is taking a toll on your overall health, you’ll want to listen to our Dr. Samyuktha Madishetty. She is an internal medicine physician with offices in Dearborn.
04/20/2014 WJR Disposal of Unused Medication Click to view Spring is here and it is time to clear out the clutter around the house. If you are like many Americans, you may have bottles of expired or unused prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet. Tuesday is Earth Day and here to give us some insight on the proper way to dispose of medication is Chris Higgin. He is the director of pharmacy at Oakwood Hospital - Southshore.
04/20/2014 WJR Sports Medicine: Head to Toe Click to view Hussein A Saad, MD
Playing a sport in school or on nights and weekends offers a lot of great health benefits – but it can make you more prone to injuries. With proper treatment and a focus on prevention, athletes can get back on the field, the court or the track and compete for years to come. Dr. Hussein A. Saad is an Oakwood orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist based in Dearborn.
04/13/2014 WJR Everyday Hero Click to view The team at the Oakwood’s Rehabilitation Therapy clinic in Taylor helps patients who have lost a limb or suffered a debilitating injury or disease. Oakwood’s Orthotic and Prosthetic Clinic is open the last Friday of each month and offers personalized, comprehensive services and follow-up care. On the phone is Sarah Bismack from the Orthotic and Prosthetic Clinic, as well as Jane, a Dearborn Heights resident and patient at the Clinic.
04/13/2014 WJR Managing Joint Pain Click to view Especially as we get older, aches and pains seem to be a part of life. So what happens when the pain in your knees, shoulders and hips just isn’t going away? If you are managing chronic joint pain, physical therapy may be an important way you can keep active and feel better. In the studio is Thomas Smith, supervisor at the Oakwood Physical Therapy clinic in Allen Park. We’ll be talking to him about chronic joint pain and what to do about it.
04/13/2014 WJR Oakwood Heart Team Click to view Arthur Riba, MD, FACC
When you come to Oakwood with a heart or vascular issue, you’ll be in good hands. Now, with the formation of the Oakwood Heart Team, patients facing high-risk cardiac surgery or coronary angioplasty and stenting will benefit from the expertise of a team of physicians – committed to delivering the personalized care that’s right for you. Dr. Arthur Riba is Oakwood’s Medical Director of Quality, Safety and Service and is also a board-certified cardiovascular disease specialist.
04/13/2014 WJR Life After a Heart Attack Click to view Mansoor Naini, MD, FACC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 715,000 Americans have a heart attack every year, and 190,000 of those people have already had a heart attack. Don’t become a statistic! Dr. Mansoor Naini is an Oakwood-affiliated cardiovascular disease specialist with offices in Wayne and Garden City. He’ll be discussing life after a heart attack and how you can take steps to recover and prevent future cardiac episodes.
04/06/2014 WJR Prescription Drug Abuse Click to view Deaths from prescription drug abuse have more than tripled since 1990, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 100 Americans die every day of a prescription drug overdose. To better understand this healthcare crisis, I welcome Jamie Balavitch and Theresa Webster to the program. Jamie is the Lead Prevention Counselor for the Oakwood Taylor Teen Center, and Theresa is the Prevention Services Manager for the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance, an Oakwood community partner.
04/06/2014 WJR Volunteer Week Click to view Today marks the start of National Volunteer Week, and Oakwood is celebrating the contributions of time and talent its volunteers share with patients and communities every day. I’m pleased to welcome Nancy Gorski, Volunteer Services Representative at Oakwood Hospital-Dearborn, and also on the line are Joyce Lyons, who volunteers at Oakwood Hospital-Dearborn, and Mary Weimer, an Oakwood Hospital-Southshore volunteer.
04/06/2014 WJR Obesity and Movement Click to view Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension – there are so many ways that obesity can negatively impact your health. Dr. Kevin Sprague is with us today with yet another reason why it’s so important to get moving and get rid of the extra pounds. He is an orthopedic surgeon with offices in Trenton and today we will be talking about the way that obesity can affect the way we move.
04/06/2014 WJR E-Cigarettes Click to view USA Today reports that sales of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, went from 50,000 in 2008 to 5 million in 2012. What’s more, the CDC estimates that more than 1.78 million middle and high school students nationwide have tried e-cigarettes – and 75% of them used conventional cigarettes as well. Are e-cigarettes a way for smokers to quit using tobacco – or a gateway for non-smokers to start the habit? Jamie Balavitch is on the line with me; she is the Lead Prevention Counselor for the Oakwood Taylor Teen Center.
03/30/2014 WJR Everyday Hero Click to view George Hnatiuk, MD
For someone undergoing medical treatment, a great doctor can make all the different in the world. Oakwood’s Everyday Hero program gives grateful patients and family members a chance to recognize and thank the physicians who mean so much to them. One Oakwood physician has received more than 50 Everyday Hero tributes, and that is Dr. George Hnatiuk, a Dearborn-based internal medicine specialist. In honor of Oakwood’s celebration of National Doctors’ Day, I welcome him to the program along with Carla O’Malley, the Executive Director & President of the Oakwood Foundation.
03/30/2014 WJR Orthopedic Concerns Click to view Joseph Finch, DO
According to AARP, about 8,000 Americans turn 65 every day. As the Baby Boomer generation hits this milestone, more and more people will be experiencing arthritis and other issues related to bones and joints. When are these aches and pains nothing to worry about – and what treatments are available to alleviate your pain, no matter what your age? We’ll learn more from Dr. Joseph Finch. He is an Oakwood-affiliated orthopedic surgeon with offices in Dearborn.
03/30/2014 WJR National Doctors’ Day Click to view March 30 is National Doctors’ Day! Oakwood is proud to work with more than 1,300 primary care and specialty physicians throughout southeastern Michigan - and joins the nation in celebrating the skill, care and healing physicians provide every day. I’m pleased to welcome back Oakwood President & CEO Brian Connolly to Champions of Care to talk about the commitment and compassion of Oakwood’s physicians.
03/30/2014 WJR Colorectal Surgery Click to view Fuad Turfah, MD
Advances in colorectal surgery options provide hope and healing to the thousands of Americans facing irritable bowel, diverticulitis, cancer and other colorectal conditions. To learn more, we’re pleased to have Dr. Fuad Turfah with us in studio. Dr. Turfah is board-certified in colorectal surgery and sees patients in his Dearborn office.
03/23/2014 WJR Everyday Hero Dr. Nilesh Patel Click to view Nilesh Patel, MD
Chronic back pain can take over your life. Tom knows this first-hand, as he had been dealing with a bad back for decades. It wasn’t until his minimally invasive spine surgery that he could put the pain behind him. Tom is on the line with us to thank his Everyday Hero: orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Nilesh Patel.
03/23/2014 WJR Rehab Trauma Unit Click to view The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that between 12,000 – 20,000 Americans suffer spinal cord injuries each year. Traumatic injury to the spine or brain requires carefully coordinated, comprehensive care so the patient can recover as much function as possible and enjoy a higher quality of life. The Rehabilitation Trauma Unit at Oakwood Hospital – Taylor is designed to support people on the journey to recovering from traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and neurological trauma. Lee Ann Odom is Division President of Oakwood Hospital – Taylor. She’s joined by Lisa Stephens, Manager of Rehabilitation Services, and Rhonda Brooks, the unit’s Clinical Manager. They will talk about their multidisciplinary approach to patient care at the Rehab Trauma unit.
03/23/2014 WJR Red Tie Ball Click to view Derek Bair, MD
Susan Youngs, MD
Dancing, dining – and a tribute to Diana Ross and the Supremes! You’ll want to be at Oakwood’s Red Tie Ball, which is taking place at the historic Fox Theatre on April 12, sponsored by the Inge A. Rose Trust in honor of Dr. George Hnatiuk. This elegant evening benefits Oakwood’s Center for Exceptional Families and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I’m pleased to welcome two outstanding Oakwood physicians to talk about this event: Dr. Derek Bair is Medical Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and Dr. Susan Youngs is Medical Director of the Center for Exceptional Families.
03/23/2014 WJR Diabetes Facts and Fiction Click to view Opada Alzohaili, MD
Diabetes affects more than 24 million Americans and even with awareness at an all-time high, you probably still have questions about the disease. Dr. Opada Alzohaili is in studio with us to help us separate fact from fiction when it comes to diabetes. Dr. Alzohaili is an Oakwood-affiliated endocrinologist with offices in Dearborn.
03/16/2014 WJR Health Insurance Click to view To date, over four million people have enrolled in private health insurance through If you are covered by these or many other plans not offered through the Marketplace, you can take advantage of preventive benefits including health screenings, vaccinations and counseling at no additional cost to you. Carrie Grubert is a health insurance specialist with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, She’ll give us more details on which preventive services you may be eligible for.
03/16/2014 WJR Diabetic Foot Care Click to view John Evans, DPM
According to the American Diabetes Association, 10% of all Americans have diabetes, including 25% of seniors. If you’re diabetic it’s all the more important to take good care of your feet, as the disease impacts circulation and can cause nerve damage. Dr. John Evans is an Oakwood-affiliated podiatrist who sees patients in his office in Allen Park.
03/16/2014 WJR Joint Class 101 Click to view As a national leader in orthopedic care, Oakwood knows that every patient is unique when it comes to joint pain. Oakwood’s Joint Class 101 is a great place to start to learn about your options to manage and treat your joint pain in a way that’s right for you. Jeff Kline is on the line with us. He is Oakwood’s director of sports medicine.
03/16/2014 WJR Pre-diabetes Click to view Stephen Bell, DO
The American Diabetes Association estimates that 79 million Americans have pre-diabetes – and only a small percentage of those people know they have the condition. What does being pre-diabetic mean, and how can you lower your risk for the condition? Dr. Stephen Bell is with us to share his expertise and advice. Dr. Bell is an Oakwood-affiliated internal medicine physician with offices in Newport.
03/09/2014 WJR Cervical Spine Disease Click to view Nilesh Patel, MD
Have you ever fallen asleep on the couch in the wrong position—then spent the next three days unable to look over your shoulder? A recent survey by the National Institute for Health Statistics found that neck pain is the third most common cause of pain among Americans. Neck pain can be fleeting but for some it can become a chronic or debilitating issue. What do you do when taking it easy for a few days doesn’t solve the problem? Here to help us answer this question is Dr. Nilesh Patel, an Oakwood affiliated orthopedic surgeon with offices in Dearborn. He is also an assistant professor of orthopedics with Wayne State University School of Medicine.
03/09/2014 WJR Lymphedema Support Group Click to view If you’ve been diagnosed with lymphedema or lipedema, you may have questions about how to manage the symptoms and live more comfortably with your condition. Oakwood offers a support group for lymphedema and lipedema patients at the Oakwood Healthcare Center in Southgate. Karen Fron is a physical therapist at that site, and Cheryl Feola is a former patient who helps run the support group.
03/09/2014 WJR Lower Back Pain Treatments Click to view Parmod Mukhi, MD
It is a complex network of bones, muscles and nerves that make up the back. It seems like one wrong move can dramatically change life as we know it. But with the right help, you might be able to get your back, back on track. With us is Dr. Parmod Mukhi, an Oakwood affiliated Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist with offices in Southgate and Novi. Dr. Mukhi is also a member of the Wayne State University Physician Group and an assistant clinical professor with Wayne State University School of Medicine.
03/09/2014 WJR Everyday Hero: Karen Miller Click to view As our loved ones get older, we often have to make tough choices to ensure they are safe, well cared for – and can live as independently as possible. Oakwood Common Retirement Community was a godsend for Suzanne when her elderly cousin needed to move out of the house she’d lived in, alone, for 70 years. Suzanne is on the line with Karen Miller, who is the Nursing Manager at Oakwood Common Retirement Community. Karen is Suzanne’s Everyday Hero.
03/02/2014 WJR Arts for the Spirit Click to view It’s no news to anyone listening that the winter weather this year has been pretty bleak. On the bright side, the beautiful artwork on display at Oakwood hospitals this winter is full of color, energy and inspiration. Sue Majewski, Oakwood’s Arts for the Spirit Gallery Coordinator, joins us again to talk about the works being featured at Oakwood hospitals now through April – and one of the featured artists is with us as well. Denise Cassidy Wood is on the line; her acrylic paintings are being exhibited at Oakwood Hospital-Dearborn.
03/02/2014 WJR Sleep Apnea Surgery Click to view Roger Toma, MD
It’s estimated that one in 15 adults suffer from sleep apnea. In some cases, surgery is needed to open the airway so that patients can sleep better and lower their chances of further complications. Dr. Roger Toma is an Oakwood-affiliated otolaryngologist with offices in Dearborn and Canton. We’ll be talking to him about when surgery might be the best option to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Also on the line is his patient, Edward, who recently had robot-assisted surgery for his obstructive sleep apnea.
03/02/2014 WJR Bladder Incontinence Click to view David Law, DO
Bladder incontinence can happen to anyone and it becomes more common the older we get. That doesn’t mean you can’t find relief. If you are experiencing bladder incontinence it may be time to visit a urologist – and for some people, implanting a nerve stimulator can restore your health and your self-confidence. Dr. David Law is an Oakwood urologist who sees patients in his office in Trenton.
03/02/2014 WJR Diet and Kidney Disease Click to view Jeffrey Gutman, DO
Each year, more than 110,000 people in the United States began treatment for kidney failure, say the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For every 10 new cases, seven had diabetes or hypertension listed as the primary cause of kidney failure. Dr. Jeffrey Gutman is an Oakwood-affiliated nephrologist who sees patients in Dearborn, Southgate and Westland. We’ll be talking today about how kidney disease is related to other chronic conditions like high blood pressure and how what you eat can help—or harm—your kidneys.
02/23/2014 WJR Everyday Hero Click to view Being diagnosed with blocked arteries takes you by surprise. As you recover from surgery, you may wonder how ever you’ll get back to living your life again. Phil is on the phone with us right now. He’s going to talk about how cardiac rehabilitation helped him recover and return to his usual routine following a recent cardiac episode – and joining him is his Everyday Hero, Dayna Stadelman, an exercise physiologist at Oakwood Annapolis Cardiac Rehabilitation in Wayne.
02/23/2014 WJR Cardiac Rehab Click to view Michael Kalata, DO
If you have heart disease or have experienced a cardiac event like blocked arteries or a heart attack, surgical procedures and medication are just part of the treatment plan. Cardiac rehabilitation is just as important to you being able to return to as normal and healthy a lifestyle as possible. We have a panel of Oakwood experts with us to talk about the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation. Dr. Michael Kalata is an Oakwood-affiliated cardiovascular disease specialist with offices in Flat Rock. Also with us is Diane Hamilton, who is the Non-Invasive Cardiology Coordinator at Oakwood Hospital – Southshore in Trenton, and Dayna Stadelman, an exercise physiologist at Oakwood Annapolis Cardiac Rehabilitation Center in Wayne.
02/23/2014 WJR Recognizing a Stroke Click to view John Bauer, MD
When a stroke occurs, time is of the essence. Getting appropriate treatment as soon as possible can be the difference between complete recovery and permanent disability, even death. Dr. John Bauer is the Chief Medical Officer of ER-One and an Oakwood-affiliated emergency medicine specialist, and he’s with us to help you act FAST when you see the signs of stroke.
02/23/2014 WJR TAVR Click to view Samir Dabbous, MD, FACC
Reza Dabir, MD
The team at Oakwood’s Heart & Vascular Services specializes in state-of-the-art treatments delivered with care and compassion. Oakwood interventional cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons are now able to provide trans-catheter aortic valve replacement, or TAVR, as an alternative to open heart surgery. Dr. Samir Dabbous is joining us remotely; he is an interventional cardiologist and is Oakwood’s Medical Director for Heart & Vascular Services. In the studio is Dr. Reza Dabir, a cardiovascular surgeon and Program Director of Cardiovascular Surgery at Oakwood Hospital - Dearborn. Also with us by phone is Larry, who is a patient of Dr. Dabbous and Dr. Dabir and had a trans-catheter aortic valve replacement procedure.
02/16/2014 WJR Benefits of Bariatric Surgery Click to view Daniel Bacal, MD
Obesity has been categorized as a disease by the American Medical Association. It is a disease that is tied to many other chronic conditions, including hypertension and chronic heart disease. To talk about how bariatric surgery can benefit your heart as well as your waistline, Dr. Daniel Bacal joins us on the program. Dr. Bacal is an Oakwood-affiliated general and bariatric surgeon with offices in Dearborn.
02/16/2014 WJR Peripheral Arterial Disease Click to view James Armstrong, DO
A recent study published in the medical journal The Lancet indicates that the number of people with peripheral artery disease worldwide has risen by 23.5% in the past 10 years. You may not be aware you even have the disease but if left untreated, it can lead to stroke, heart attack – even loss of limbs. Dr. James Armstrong is an Oakwood-affiliated thoracic and general surgeon with offices in Garden City. He'll discuss the signs, symptoms and treatment options for peripheral artery disease.
02/16/2014 WJR Health Insurance Navigators Click to view The Health Insurance Marketplace has made it possible for those without health insurance to get coverage, and Medicaid expansion in Michigan will provide health insurance to thousands of low-income residents this spring. If you need help choosing the best plan for you, a health insurance navigator can help. Betty Priskorn is Oakwood’s Corporate Director of Community Outreach.
02/16/2014 WJR Heart Failure Click to view Peter Vaitkevicius, MD
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 5.1 million Americans have heart failure – and one in nine deaths includes heart failure as a contributing cause. While it cannot be cured, heart failure can be managed through diet, lifestyle changes – and a strong partnership between the patient and his or her doctor. Dr. Peter Vaitkevicius is an Oakwood-affiliated cardiovascular disease specialist with offices in Dearborn. He’s going to fill us in on what we need to know about heart failure.
02/09/2014 WJR Bipolar Support Group Click to view According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, more than 10 million Americans have bipolar disorder. Additionally, about 25 million Americans will have an episode of major depression this year. These mental illnesses not only affect the person coping with the issue. They impact the person’s family and friends in profound ways as well. Oakwood hosts a support group at Oakwood Hospital - Taylor for the family and friends of those with depression and bipolar disorder. Kathy Zatyracz is the facilitator of the group and we welcome her to the program.
02/09/2014 WJR Preventive Care for Women Click to view Karen Plymel, MD
Overall, U.S. women’s life expectancy at birth is just over 81 years. Women can live longer, and feel better at every stage of life, by taking steps to prevent serious health issues before they start. Dr. Karen Plymel is an Oakwood-affiliated obstetrician and gynecologist with offices in Dearborn. She’ll be talking with us about screenings and services that can help women enjoy good health, no matter what their age.
02/09/2014 WJR Press Ganey Award Click to view Recently, the Ambulatory Surgery and Surgery Centers at Oakwood Hospital - Southshore received the Guardian of Excellence award from Press Ganey, an organization dedicated to supporting healthcare providers in understanding and improving the entire patient experience. Edith Hughes is the hospital’s president, and I’m pleased to have her on the line to talk about the high caliber surgical services at Oakwood Southshore.
02/09/2014 WJR Women's Health Advisory Cmte Click to view In 2010, Oakwood formed a Women’s Health Advisory Committee to guide the health system to becoming a nationally-recognized Center for Women’s Health by 2020, based on the input of women who live in the communities Oakwood serves. Karen Colina Wilson Smithbauer chairs the committee, and she joins us along with Oakwood’s administrator of women’s services, Nancy Gray.
02/02/2014 WJR Everyday Hero: Dr. Marinescu Click to view Stelian Marinescu, MD
When Janet suffered chest pains eleven years ago, she was taken to Oakwood Hospital - Dearborn for treatment – and met the doctor who saved her life. Janet’s on the line with us now to talk about her care experience with interventional cardiologist Dr. Stelian Marinescu. Dr. Marinescu is Janet’s Everyday Hero.
02/02/2014 WJR Door to Balloon Click to view Abedelrahim Asfour, MD, FACC
In 2006, the American College of Cardiology began a nation-wide Door-to-Balloon initiative. This ongoing initiative seeks to limit the amount of time between when a patient suffering a heart attack arrives at an Emergency Department and when they receive life-saving angioplasty. Here to tell us more about the initiative and Oakwood’s efforts to limit door-to balloon time is Dr. Abedelrahim Asfour. Dr. Asfour is an Oakwood affiliated physician who specializes in Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology and Internal Medicine. He has offices in Dearborn and Flat Rock.
02/02/2014 WJR Transient Ischemic Attack Click to view Sandra Narayanan, MD
According to the Mayo Clinic, a transient ischemic attack, known as a mini-stroke or TIA, is a warning you may be at risk for a more severe stroke - and an opportunity to prevent strokes in the future. To learn more about TIAs I’m speaking to Dr. Sandra Narayanan. She is an Oakwood-affiliated neuro-interventionalist practicing at Oakwood Hospital - Dearborn.
02/02/2014 WJR Heart Health During Pregnancy Click to view Federico Mariona, MD
Even a healthy pregnancy can stress a woman’s heart and circulatory system, as your blood volume increases by 30 to 50 percent to nourish your growing baby. For women who already have high blood pressure or other heart conditions, you’ll need to partner with your physician to manage your health and that of your unborn child. To get a better understanding of how pregnancy can impact your heart health, we welcome Dr. Federico Mariona to Champions of Care. He is an Oakwood-affiliated maternal and fetal medicine specialist with offices in Dearborn.
01/26/2014 WJR Cervical Cancer Click to view Mohammed Ogaily, MD
According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 12,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer in a typical year, and most will be younger than 55. Thanks to screenings and vaccinations, however, cervical cancer can be detected early and even prevented. I welcome Dr. Mohammed Ogaily back to the program. He is an Oakwood oncologist who serves the downriver area at the Oakwood Center for Hematology & Oncology in Brownstown.
01/26/2014 WJR Congenital Heart Defects Click to view Samir Dabbous, MD, FACC
Did you know that congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect, affecting about one of every 125 newborns and about a million adults? Some defects go undetected for years—and some are only found when they cause serious health issues. I’m speaking to Dr. Samir Dabbous, an interventional cardiologist and the Chief of Cardiology at the Oakwood Center for Heart & Vascular Services in Dearborn. We’ll discuss common congenital heart issues and their treatment options.
01/26/2014 WJR Statin Advisory Change Click to view Michael Kalata, DO
In November 2013, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology announced new heart disease and stroke prevention guidelines. These suggest a much larger number of Americans would benefit from taking cholesterol-lowering medications called statins. Before you talk to your doctor about how this might impact you, you’ll want to hear what Dr. Michael Kalata has to say. He is a cardiovascular disease specialist with offices in Flat Rock.
01/26/2014 WJR Health & Fitness Click to view Richard Grucz, MD
Every year, thousands of us resolve to weigh less and exercise more. How can we make it stick this time? By making health and fitness a daily routine instead of a yearly resolution. I’m pleased to welcome Dr. Richard Grucz back to the program. He is a family medicine physician and is the medical director of Oakwood Healthcare Center in Canton. Joining us is Rheanne Suszek, Director of the Oakwood Wellness Center in Dearborn.
01/19/2014 WJR Everyday Heroes Click to view Since February 1998, Oakwood has served the children of Wayne and Westland by providing school-based health services. Oakwood’s Adams Child and Adolescent Health Center is located at Adams Upper Elementary School in Westland and provides essential healthcare and support to kids whose families may not have any other options. On the line with me is Arthur, who’s been coming to Oakwood’s school-based clinic since he was six years old. Also with us are Melissa Peura and Sue Szurek, nurse practitioners who care for Arthur at the clinic.
01/19/2014 WJR Urogynecology Click to view Salil Khandwala, MD
The US Census Bureau estimates that the demand for services to care for pelvic floor disorders will increase by 45% by the year 2030. Dr. Salil Khandwala is an Oakwood-affiliated female pelvic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive procedures to treat prolapse and female incontinence. He’s in studio to talk about the latest treatment options for the management of genital organ prolapse.
01/19/2014 WJR Maternity Education Click to view Whether you’re a mother-to-be for the first time or you have plenty of experience with newborns, there’s always something you can learn. Oakwood offers a variety of maternity education classes to make the birth experience, and the weeks that follow, a lot easier. Gisele Sidor is a nurse and perinatal educator at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, and she’ll give us an overview of Oakwood’s maternity education program.
01/19/2014 WJR Winter Heart Health Click to view Maria Viqar-Syed, MD
According to the AARP, the number of heart attacks during the winter months is up to 53% higher than in the summer – but not always for the reasons you might think. For more about protecting your heart health during the winter, Dr. Maria Viqar-Syed, an Oakwood-affiliated electrophysiologist and cardiovascular disease specialist with offices in Dearborn, joins us.
01/12/2014 WJR Weight Management Classes Click to view If you’re like a lot of people, you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight – good for you! But according to research by the University of Scranton, only about 8% of us actually achieve New Year’s resolutions. You can increase your odds for success through Oakwood’s Weight Loss Program. Liz Oliver is a registered dietician who is part of the Oakwood Bariatric Options team, and she’s here to tell us about Oakwood’s Weight Loss Program.
01/12/2014 WJR Primary Care 101 Click to view Tiffany Sanford, MD
A new year brings new insurance for thousands of Michiganders. As a result of the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that nearly everyone have health insurance coverage, you may be able to visit a primary care physician for the first time in a long time. Dr. Tiffany Sanford is an internal medicine physician with the Oakwood Healthcare Clinic in Canton. She is going to give an overview of how patients can partner with primary care physicians to get well and stay healthy.
01/12/2014 WJR Salt in Diet Click to view Salt helped civilize the world. It was used as a food preservative and was so valuable and hard to obtain that in Roman times, soldiers were sometimes paid with salt. Today, salt is everywhere you look in the grocery aisle, and too much salt in the diet can harm your health. Michael Korona is a clinical dietician with Oakwood Annapolis Hospital. He’ll help us learn more about how to keep salt at a healthy level in your daily diet.
01/12/2014 WJR Childhood Obesity Click to view Arsala Bakhtyar, MD, FAAP
Childhood obesity has doubled for children and tripled for teenagers over the past 30 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The American Medical Association’s decision to make obesity a disease affirms there are many medical factors that play a role beyond diet and exercise – but just as with adults, focusing on preventing obesity in kids works best through early education with a focus on diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Oakwood-affiliated pediatrician and pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Arsala Bakhtyar sees patients through her office in Canton. She’ll be talking about childhood obesity.
01/05/2014 WJR Volunteering at Oakwood Click to view Do you want to give back to your community in a meaningful way? Oakwood offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for caring, committed people age 15 and up to make a difference for patients, visitors and the community at large. Debra Gerlica is Corporate Manager of Volunteer Services at Oakwood, and she'll show how contributing your time and talents can mean so much.
01/05/2014 WJR Smoking Cessation Click to view Abedelrahim Asfour, MD, FACC
Carol Baker, MD
All of us know that smoking is bad and that quitting smoking is the right thing to do, but quitting is hard work. We welcome two Oakwood physician experts to the program today for information and motivation: Dr. Carol Baker, a family medicine physician with offices in Westland, and Dr. Abedelrahim Asfour, an Oakwood-affiliated interventional cardiologist.
01/05/2014 WJR Medical Avatar Click to view A lot of people “live and die” by their iPhone or iPad. Now, you can use them to help you manage your good health, too. Introducing the Oakwood Medical Avatar, a free app available now in the iTunes Store to help you stay on top of your health issues and concerns. Susan Hanchett is Oakwood’s Corporate Director of Brand Strategy and Market Development and she’s going to give us an overview of why you’ll want to download the Medical Avatar today.
01/05/2014 WJR Cleft Lip and Palate Click to view Mahdi Shkoukani, MD
Craniofacial defects like cleft lip and cleft palate are among the most common of all birth defects, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Dr. Mahdi Shkoukani is an otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon and is the chief of craniofacial surgery for the Department of Otolaryngology at Wayne State University He sees patients in his offices in Dearborn, Detroit and Southfield. Dr. Shkoukani will provide an overview of these conditions and surgical treatment options.
12/29/2013 WJR Employee Crisis Response Team Click to view Physicians, nurses and other clinical staff are experts in putting their emotions on hold to help others during a crisis. But there are times when the caregivers need to be cared for as well. The Oakwood Employee Crisis Response Team is made up of staff who volunteer to provide support to employees after critical incidents. The Reverend Susan Mozena is Chaplain at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital in Wayne and is the leader of Oakwood’s Employee Crisis Response Team.
12/29/2013 WJR Dr. Vicki Athens Photography Click to view Vicki Anton Athens, DPM
Caring for the whole person – in body, mind and spirit – is an important part of the patient experience at Oakwood. Providing a beautiful, tranquil place for patients to recover includes art installations at all four Oakwood hospitals. These often feature the photography artistry of Dr. Vicki Athens. In addition to being an Oakwood-affiliated podiatrist and foot surgeon, Dr. Athens is an accomplished photographer.
12/29/2013 WJR Stroke Awareness Click to view Sandra Narayanan, MD
Daniel Singer, DO
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that an American dies from a stroke every four minutes – and 34% of people hospitalized for stroke are under the age of 65. Neurologist Dr. Daniel Singer is the medical director of the Primary Stroke Center at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center in Dearborn. He’s joined in the studio by Oakwood neurointerventionalist Dr. Sandra Narayanan. Also with us by phone is Patricia, who became a patient of Dr. Narayanan’s when she had a stroke a few weeks ago.
12/22/2013 WJR Medical Missions Overseas Click to view Vicki Anton Athens, DPM
Timothy M Burandt, DO, FACOS
Oakwood is proud to serve the people and communities of southeastern Michigan—and many Oakwood physicians, nurses and staff also donate their time and expertise to care for communities around the world. Dr. Vicki Athens is a podiatrist and foot surgeon with offices in Brownstown. Dr. Timothy Burandt is an Oakwood general surgeon who practices in Trenton. They’ll be talking about their medical missions overseas and their commitment to providing compassionate care and critically important services where they are needed most.
12/22/2013 WJR Hypertension Click to view Michael Kalata, DO
According to the Centers for Disease Control, about a third of all American adults has high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. We welcome Dr. Michael Kalata back to the program. Dr. Kalata is an Oakwood-affiliated cardiovascular disease specialist with offices in Flat Rock. Dr. Kalata will provide information about high blood pressure and why it’s so important to manage the condition.
12/22/2013 WJR Urgent Care Click to view Rashmi Vasappa, DO
It’s after work, or late at night, or a weekend. You feel sick or you have a minor accident and you have a decision to make: can this wait until you can see your regular doctor or should you get it checked out now? When might urgent care be the right answer? Dr. Rashmi Vasappa is a staff physician at the Urgent Care site located at Oakwood Healthcare Center in Southgate. She’s here to offer her perspectives and insights.
12/22/2013 WJR Bladeless Cataract Surgery Click to view Vincent Yu, MD
You may think that cataracts only affect older folks. You might be surprised to know that while nearly 20.5 million Americans age 40 and over have cataracts, they can affect kids and younger adults. Fortunately there are minimally invasive options to correct cataracts, including laser surgery—a bladeless surgery option available at Oakwood Southshore Medical Center. Dr. Vincent Yu is an Oakwood-affiliated ophthalmologist with offices in Dearborn; he’s here to talk about cataract causes, symptoms and treatments.
12/15/2013 WJR Everyday Hero-Rachel Atanosian Click to view When you’ve had an accident or injury or other issues that makes it difficult to move well, you want to be in good hands. Rachel Atanosian is the manager of Rehabilitation Services at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center in Dearborn. She’s on the line along with Rahul Jadia, administrator of Oakwood’s Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services. Rahul is going to tell us more about Rachel, and how her commitment to her patients earned her the prestigious President’s Award from the Michigan Physical Therapy Association.
12/15/2013 WJR Community Benefit Programs Click to view Oakwood is committed to providing community health programs and services people need most to prevent and treat chronic diseases. Betty Priskorn is Oakwood’s Corporate Director of Community Outreach. She’s with me today to talk about Oakwood’s many community outreach programs and how they are developed to address health priorities now and in the future.
12/15/2013 WJR Holiday Injury Prevention Click to view The last place you want to celebrate the holidays is in the emergency room. Heather Payton is the injury prevention coordinator for the Trauma Team at Oakwood Southshore Medical Center in Trenton. We’re going to talk about some common causes of injuries this time of year and how you prevent getting hurt during the holidays.
12/15/2013 WJR State of Michigan Healthcare Click to view For more than sixty years, Oakwood has served the people of southeastern Michigan by delivering high quality, compassionate care. During that time health care has gone through some remarkable changes, particularly over the past couple of years as the Affordable Care Act has provided new opportunities – and challenges – for improving the health of individuals and communities. Brian Connolly is President and CEO of Oakwood Healthcare, based in Dearborn, and we’ll be talking about the state of health care in Michigan.
12/08/2013 WJR The Dangers of High Heels Click to view Lawrence Young, DPM
Women spent $38.5 billion on shoes in the US last year, according to the market research company NPD Group. More than half of those sales were for heels over three inches high. While they might look good, high heels are hard on the feet and can cause lifelong problems. Dr. Lawrence Young is an Oakwood-affiliated podiatrist with offices in Dearborn and Sterling Heights to talk about the dangers of high heels.
12/08/2013 WJR Family and Heart Disease Click to view Ziad Berri, MD
Julie Zenger-Hain, PhD, FACMG
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates almost 600,000 people die every year from heart disease in the United States. Knowing your family history is one of many ways to reduce or manage your risk of developing the disease. Here to provide information on heart disease and the importance of your family history are Dr. Julie Zenger-Hain, Director of Cytogenetics at Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center, and Dr. Ziad Berri, an Oakwood-affiliated internal medicine specialist.
12/08/2013 WJR OPi Practices Click to view Richard Grucz, MD
Joan Less, MD
You could say healthcare systems like Oakwood aren’t in the sickness business anymore: they’re in the wellness business. The more than 400 primary and specialty care physicians in OPi, Oakwood’s physician organization, are committed to helping you and your family stay well through illness prevention and management of chronic disease. Dr. Joan Less is a pediatrician who practices at Oakwood Healthcare Center in Southgate, and family medicine physician Dr. Richard Grucz is the medical director of Oakwood Healthcare Center in Canton.
12/01/2013 WJR Flu/ MERS Click to view Rama Thyagarajan, MD
Each winter you’ll hear a lot about the flu: what strains are most prevalent and what to do to prevent contracting the flu virus. This year, there is news of another infectious disease of particular concern to the Middle Eastern community: that’s Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS. Oakwood infectious disease specialist Dr. Rama Thyagarajan is here to share the latest information and provide her perspectives and advice.
12/01/2013 WJR Sports Medicine: Head to Toe Click to view Hussein A Saad, MD
Playing a sport in school or on nights and weekends offers a lot of great health benefits – but it can make you more prone to injuries. With proper treatment and a focus on prevention, athletes can get back on the field, the court or the track and compete for years to come. Dr. Hussein A. Saad joins us on the program. He is an Oakwood orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist based in Dearborn.
12/01/2013 WJR Statin Advisory Change Click to view Michael Kalata, DO
In November 2013, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology announced new heart disease and stroke prevention guidelines. These suggest a much larger number of Americans would benefit from taking cholesterol-lowering medications called statins. Before you talk to your doctor about how this might impact you, you’ll want to hear what Dr. Michael Kalata has to say. He is a cardiovascular disease specialist with offices in Flat Rock.
12/01/2013 WJR Kid's Cough and Cold Remedies Click to view Daniel Frattarelli, MD
There are dozens of over-the-counter cough and cold remedies for kids out there, but they aren’t safe for very young children. Dr. Daniel Frattarelli is Oakwood’s Program Director for Pediatric Education. He’s here to talk about the results of a recent study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics about the impact of warning labels on children’s cold medications – and he’ll give us advice about treating kids’ cold and cough symptoms safely.
11/24/2013 WJR The Art Experience Click to view Oakwood is proud to partner with The Art Experience community art studio in Pontiac to feature works by their artists including Renard Small, a visual artist with autism. To say more about their partnership, I welcome Sue Majewski from Oakwood’s Arts for the Spirit program, and Judy Wilson, the Director of the Art Experience.
11/24/2013 WJR Arts for the Spirit Click to view Research shows that art can play a helpful role in healing. Since 2006, Oakwood’s Arts for the Spirit Program has provided an environment of healing and comfort for patients, visitors and staff through the visual arts. In studio with me is Sue Majewski, Oakwood’s Arts for the Spirit Gallery Coordinator, and joining us by phone are two of Oakwood’s featured artists: Kellie Foret and Senghor Reid.
11/24/2013 WJR Health Insurance Benefits Click to view Robert Sharon, MD
Have you had all your annual recommended screenings yet? With this year slowly coming to an end, your health plan may be changing next year. Now is the time to maximize this year’s deductible to make sure you get all your necessary health and wellness visits. Here to tell us what test and screenings you should have every year—and how Oakwood can help you—is Dr. Robert Sharon. Dr. Sharon is an Oakwood-affiliated internal medicine specialist with offices in Wyandotte and Newport.
11/24/2013 WJR Depression in Seniors Click to view Gregory Mahr, MD
The National Alliance on Mental Illness estimates that depression affects more than 6.5 million Americans aged 65 years or older. Depression is a true medical condition that can improve with treatment and support. I’m pleased to welcome Oakwood-affiliated psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Mahr back to the program. Dr. Mahr treats patients in his Dearborn office and is with us to provide perspectives on how depression impacts seniors – and how treatment can help.
11/17/2013 WJR ACCESS Healthcare Navigators Click to view If you need to use the Health Insurance Marketplace to enroll for insurance, you might have questions like: how does the Marketplace work? Are you eligible for Medicaid? And, how do you enroll in a plan that’s right for you and your family? ACCESS is a community health organization based in Dearborn whose healthcare navigators can work with you one-on-one to get you enrolled and answer your questions. To explain how ACCESS’ free services can help you, Dr. Adnan Hammad, Director of the ACCESS Community Health & Research Center joins us.
11/17/2013 WJR Oakwell / Extreme Weight Loss Click to view Oakwood’s commitment to the health and wellness of its employees will be in the national spotlight when Oakwood nurses are featured on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss television program. Oakwood is committed to educating and supporting employees to help them achieve their personal goals for better work/life balance. With us now are three key supporters of workplace wellness at Oakwood, who have all played key roles in the success of the seven nurses involved in the Extreme Weight Loss show. Carla Schneider is the manager of OakWell, Oakwood’s employee health and wellness program. Peggy Manchester is also on the OakWell team as a health education specialist and coach, and Barb Medvec is Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Oakwood.
11/17/2013 WJR Vtrim Click to view When it comes to losing weight, there is no one path to success. There are a variety of tools you can use to manage your long-term health and wellness – it’s a matter of finding the ones that are right for you. Oakwood is partnering with Vtrim to offer a research-based, convenient online program for healthy living and weight management. Krista Bobo facilitates the Vtrim program as part of her role with OakWell, Oakwood’s employee wellness program.
11/17/2013 WJR Extreme Weight Loss Click to view Trina Miller and six other Oakwood nurses were selected as the very first group to be featured on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss television program. Traditionally a show that features one person at a time, the producers were intrigued with the idea of healthcare workers making a commitment to their own health and wellness in order to better care for others. While Trina was working with the ABC team to reach her own weight loss goal, her nurse colleagues were setting their own path and have had remarkable results—thanks to support from Oakwood and from each other. I’m happy to have three of Trina’s remarkable teammates in studio to share their stories. We have Kristin Quint and Ebony Gibson from Oakwood Annapolis Hospital in Wayne, and also Jamie Fineran from Oakwood Healthcare Center in Garden City.
11/10/2013 WJR Oakwood Diabetes Support Group Click to view Managing diabetes on a day-to-day basis can mean the difference between serious complications and living well. Oakwood’s Diabetes Services team offers a monthly Diabetes Support Group at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center to give those with diabetes the help they need to care for themselves. Ghida Bilani is on the phone with us; she’s a registered dietician at Oakwood.
11/10/2013 WJR Lung Cancer Screening Click to view John Finger, MD
John Hilu, MD
Lung cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer in the United States, with over 160,000 fatalities in 2012 according to the National Cancer Institute. Until recently lung cancer was difficult to detect unless it had progressed to a very advanced stage. Now, the American Lung Association has accepted and identified low-dose lung CT scans that can assist in diagnosing the disease at its earliest and most treatable stage. To talk about lung cancer, its detection and treatment, we welcome radiologist Dr. John Finger and thoracic surgeon Dr. John Hilu.
11/10/2013 WJR Insurance Marketplace Update Click to view According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there are over a million uninsured Michiganders who will be able to enroll in the health insurance options by way of the new Insurance Marketplace. If you are one of them, you probably have a lot of questions about how to get the coverage that’s best for you. Enroll America is a nonpartisan non-profit organization dedicated to getting as many of the uninsured enrolled in healthcare coverage as possible. On the line with us is Erin Knott, the Michigan state director of Enroll America. She’s here to tell us more about their work and how they are partnering with organizations like Oakwood to help you navigate the health insurance marketplace.
11/10/2013 WJR Pulmonary Rehabilitation Click to view In the US, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affects at least 12.7 million adults and is the third leading cause of death. Oakwood Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs are designed to help those living with the challenges of chronic lung disease to manage symptoms, improve breathing control and improve overall physical health. We’re going to learn more about how pulmonary rehab at Oakwood can help you manage COPD. I welcome Darlene Lingenfelter and Cathy-Jo Ponzi to the program. Darlene is a senior respiratory therapist at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center in Dearborn, and Cathy-Jo is the Director of Respiratory Care.
11/03/2013 WJR Oakwood's Cancer Resource Ctr Click to view Getting a cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling overwhelmed, scared, and even a little lost. Oakwood and the American Cancer Society have teamed up to create the Cancer Resource Center for patients and their families to get the information and support they need during treatment and recovery. Emily Saoud from the American Cancer Society Lakeshore Division, and Christine Kupovits, interim director of the Cancer Center at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center in Dearborn, provide details.
11/03/2013 WJR Menopause Click to view Carol Baker, MD
If you’ve heard only one thing about menopause ... you clearly need more information! Dr. Carol Baker is an Oakwood family medicine physician with offices in Westland, and she joins us today to provide facts and advice about menopause for women of all ages.
11/03/2013 WJR Managing Diabetes Click to view Chandrakant Pujara, MD, FACC
Oakwood Annapolis Hospital in Wayne will host a free informational session: “Managing Diabetes for Optimal Health,” taking place November 7 at 6:00 p.m. Dr. Chandrakant Pujara is a board-certified specialist in cardiovascular disease and nuclear cardiology with offices in Wayne, Canton and Garden City. He’ll be one of the clinical experts speaking at this event.
11/03/2013 WJR Women's Health Advisory Cmte Click to view In 2010, Oakwood formed a Women’s Health Advisory Committee to guide the health system based on the input of women who live in the communities Oakwood serves. Karen Colina Wilson Smithbauer chairs the committee. She joins us along with Oakwood’s administrator of women’s services Nancy Gray.
10/27/2013 WJR Look Good Feel Better Click to view Look Good, Feel Better is a free program offered by the American Cancer Society that teaches beauty techniques to help women combat the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Oakwood is proud to host these sessions at their hospitals in Wayne and Dearborn. Mitzi Cardona, Health Initiatives Manager for the Lakeshore Division of the American Cancer Society appears with Koretta Goff, a cosmetologist who provides her expertise to women coping with cancer.
10/27/2013 WJR Men’s Breast Cancer Click to view Majd Aburabia, MD
It is estimated that one in eight women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. But did you know that men can also get breast cancer? While the rates are much lower for men than women, men are less likely to know about their risks for breast cancer and the signs and symptoms. Dr. Majd Aburabia is here to talk to us about men’s breast cancer; she is an Oakwood-affiliated breast surgeon with offices in Dearborn.