Visica2 Cryoablation

The Center for Women’s Health is proud to announce that the Oakwood Breast Care Center – Dearborn is the first area healthcare provider to offer Visica2 Cryoablation, a minimally invasive procedure, for the treatment of benign breast lumps (fibroadenomas).

Fibroadenomas are most often found in young women between 15 and 30 years of age. These breast lumps, which usually measure between one to five centimeters in diameter, are often found during a self-exam or routine check up and while not cancerous, can cause discomfort or pain.

Until recently, there were two choices offered to women who experienced benign lumps: wait and do nothing or have the lump surgically removed. With Visica2 Cryoablation, once the tumor is diagnosed, a small probe is used to freeze the tumor, causing cell damage and break down, thereby destroying the fibroadenoma and preventing future growth. Cryoablation advantages include minimal discomfort and quick recovery time given a short 30-minute procedure performed with local anesthesia.

Cryoablation is the latest addition to the Oakwood Breast Care Center – Dearborn. The Center also offers comprehensive digital breast care services including ultrasound, minimally invasive biopsies, mammography, breast MRI, needle localization and ductograms. The Center also boasts 100 percent patient satisfaction for seven years running, includes personal access to a nurse navigator, extended hours of operation and appointments available same day/next day.